5 Best Vacuum for Jute rugs for 2023 (Tried and Tested)

Carpets and rugs have many benefits over the flooring, but they are hard to clean compared to the various types of flooring; what if you take one step further and buy a jute rug for your home? You will need a special vacuum that is powerful in suction and has specially designed brushes or attachments to keep your jute rug neat and clean. But it is hard to find such a vacuum; therefore, I have put a special effort into locating the one for you which is perfect for cleaning jute and oriental rugs comprehensively. This guide contains the best vacuum for jute rugs, a buying guide on choosing the best vacuum for cleaning jute rugs, FAQs, and other relevant information. Let’s get started without any further ado!

Why Should You Trust Us?

This question is logical because no one would want to trust a person they don’t know, but we are experts; my team and I have reviewed countless vacuum cleaners.

All the information in this article is based on facts and figures after trying and testing the best vacuums available on the market; besides vacuum cleaners, I am also a professional content writer, just like my team members.

The evaluation is based on various factors, including price, features, suction power, filtration, design, and more.

Are you in a hurry?

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, you can check out the list I have created for the best rug-cleaning vacuum cleaners below.

Which is the Best Vacuum for Jute Rug?

1- BISSELL CrossWave

Our first pick is Bissell cross wave floor, and rug cleaner wet dry vacuum cleaners; it is manufactured by Bissell, a well-known vacuum brand you might know about.

This stick vacuum cleaner comes with a 25-foot long cord, so you don’t have to worry about the battery timing or losing the power; plus, this cord is pretty soft, eliminating cord tangling issues.

The good news for people who are always worried about the weight of a vacuum cleaner is it is pretty lightweight and weighs 11 pounds; it is also somehow quiet; I won’t say it is super quiet, but quiet enough; the noise might be around 85 decibels.

If we talk about its design and built quality, it is built with premium materials that give it a premium look; plus, its design is also very modern; it is not very stylish but beautiful enough. 


To test this vacuum, I had to go to my friend’s home because I don’t have a jute rug in my house; while he has 2 area jute rugs, he also has 2 pets and 3 kids with him, and one of his pets is a German shepherd dog which you might know sheds a lot.

I tested it on jute rugs to see how it works. Those area rugs were full of pet hair and debris; it surprised me with its suction power, it picked up all the hair and stains, but it did take some time. Its brushes were very useful for cleaning rugs and carpets.

The next test was an LVP flooring test, I thought it wouldn’t be as good on flooring as it was on jute area rugs and carpets, but it proved me wrong, I vacuumed and washed the floors, and the result was the same, flooring had pet hair, dust, and a lot of mess on it before cleaning.

Its suction is enough; its tanks are easy to clean along with a tray but keep in mind that you have to wash its cleaning brush with your hands; plus, its filters are also very effective; it would have been better if it had a swivel steering; besides, it is easy to maneuver.

It can even deep clean medium pile rugs and carpets, but to do this, you need to hold the vacuum tightly; it will also take more time than hard floors.


Vacuum and Wash

It is one of the best features a vacuum may have; it allows you to clean and wash simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time washing after regular vacuuming.

2 Tank Technology

Another great feature is it comes with 2 cool tanks; one tank is used for clean water and formula, while the other is used for dirty water and debris.

The cheaper vacuum cleaner doesn’t have this feature resulting in throwing dirty water.

Dual Multi-Surface Brush Roll

It is also equipped with dual brushes that can be used for cleaning carpets and various floors.

Advanced Cleaning Formula

If you buy this vacuum, you’ll also get a liquid or formula loaded with advanced cleaning materials.

Quick Stop Control

Some wet-dry vacuum cleaners take time to stop the flow of water, resulting in wetting the rugs too, but this vacuum comes with an instant flow stop control button that quickly stops the flow of water.

You can push it real quick while cleaning the flooring and rugs simultaneously; all these features make it one of the best vacuum cleaners.


  • Easy to fill and use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • It lets you clean stains
  • Washable mop.


  • It is a little slow
  • Not good at deep cleaning

2- Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum

Next is a masterpiece by Shark; it is Shark ZS362 Apex corded stick vacuum, which comes with duo-clean technology and a self-cleaning brush roll.

I love shark vacuum cleaners because they never disappoint due to their filters, features, and unique attachment. This vacuum is also loaded with features that make it an all-rounder vacuum cleaner.

Coming to its design and weight, It is a very good-looking corded stick vacuum cleaner; the cord is quite soft (no tangling issues), buttons are soft enough to function.

Noise is also a concern for most people, including me, so the good news is it is very quiet, it produces less noise than our top pick, you can converse in a loud voice while it is running, it would be little more than a normal conversation which is 65 decibels.

It is very maneuverable thanks to its advanced swivel steering; it can easily reach tight places around the corners, under furniture, and so on.


To test this vacuum cleaner on a jute rug, I put some pieces of crumbs (of large to small sizes) and a bunch of artificial hair; it sucked everything existing on that rug; it was way faster than Bissell thought it was dark, its bright headlights helped me out.

The next test was an LVP and hardwood floor test; here, what surprised me was its suction power; I can say that it can easily outweigh most of the vacuum cleaners in the power of suction in this price bracket. I threw some hair and debris on the floors; it cleaned everything instantly.

My friend’s furniture, ceilings, curtains, etc., was full of dust; it sucked all the dust with the help of its maneuverability, suction power, approach, and attachments.

Shark vacuum cleaner cleaners are known for their filtration system, Shark ZS362 contains an advanced filtration system that can keep your air quality up to the mark, plus its filters are easy to clean.

Let’s have a look at its features,


Duo-Clean Technology

I call it an all-rounder vacuum cleaner for a reason; it is equipped with dual brushes; you can use these brushes to give your tiles and all flooring types a fresh look and for deep cleaning rugs.

Swivel Steering

Almost all the latest shark stick vacuum cleaners are equipped with swivel steering; this one has this feature, too, and it also makes this stick vacuum cleaner easy to use.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Many vacuum cleaners come with special tools and brushes for cleaning pet hair, but the problem is the hair gets tangled around the brush; this vacuum self-cleans its pet hair brush, so you don’t have to pull the hair out with your hand.

Led Headlights

This feature is also very cool; with the help of its bright led headlights, you easily see the illuminated hair and debris.

Crevice Attachment

With the help of this tool, this vacuum picks a mess from hard-to-reach spots.


  • Great suction
  • Great for jute rug cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • It does not take much space
  • Easy to keep clean


  • It cannot stand up by itself and has no bracket for hanging on the wall
  • Hot air is directed to your face

3- Shark NV501 Rotator

If you’re a fan of lift-away upright vacuums, you’ll love this vacuum cleaner; it is a Shark NV501 lift-away corded vacuum with many features that make it ideal for cleaning jute rugs.

This vacuum cleaner weighs 15.5 pounds, has a 30-feet long cord that can be wrapped around the body, and its hose is 8 feet long, allowing you to clean the roof ceilings, curtains, wall-mounted items, and more.

Its sound is little more than Shark 362; it has many attachments, including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery attachment.


I tested on a jute rug which was full of pet hair, dust, and debris of different sizes, it cleaned debris and dust in the first go, but it left some hair untouched, so I used it again; it sucked all the hair this time because I forgot to turn the brush roll on.

If you want to clean your jute rug, the brush roll must be on; you’ll have to use it gently; it may not pick 100% hair in the first go because hair is often embedded with the pile, so that you can use it 2 or 3 times with brush roll on.

I also noticed that despite being very powerful, its suction doesn’t ruin the shape of the pile on the rug, which is quite amazing because most vacuums can damage the rug’s softness and I also found this machine to be excellent while cleaning LVP floors, hardwood floors, furniture, stairs, and all floor types, it sucked all the debris, but you can expect it to be such extra-large debris. I threw some large dry leaves along with debris, and it left some of the leaves because of their size.

All the attachments it has are very practical and useful on all surfaces (on-ground, above ground) and car seats; I forgot to mention the functionality of its hose, which is pretty amazing.



This feature is my favorite; you can lift its upper part (canister) away from the base by detaching the pod, making it a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filter

You might know HEPA filters can pick up 99.7% of dust or fine particles; it is also equipped with HEPA filters; you should wash these filters once per year; you can clean them by tapping on them, while you can wash their foam filter.

Led Headlights

Like Shark 362, it is also equipped with led lights so you can see what you are cleaning.

Crevice Tool

Its crevice tools are great for cleaning hard-to-reach and tight places, just like the place between the wall and carpet.

Adjustable Suction

You can adjust its suction with a ring-shaped plastic button, so it does not suck your curtains and other stuff.

All these features make it the best vacuum for jute rugs.


  • A gift for pet owners
  • The dust container is easy to remove
  • Suitable for cleaning sisal rug
  • Great for removing embedded hair from rugs
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hard to push across the floor
  • No motorized beater bar

4- Kenmore BU4050 

If you’re a fan of canister vacuums, this vacuum cleaner with a bagless design will blow your mind because it is 2 in 1 vacuum; all you need to do is to press the button and make it a canister vacuum though it is an uplift stick vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum is loaded with extra tools and attachments you don’t typically find in the vacuums of this price bracket, such as a wand, nozzle, furniture brush, motorized anti-tangle floor brush, etc.

Its weight is not too much, which is 14 pounds, it is also much quieter considering its rivals on the market, its cord is long and soft so you can’t expect tangling issues, plus you can wrap this cord on the hooks given in its body.


In a deep clean test on a jute rug, this machine picked up the baking soda and hair effortlessly and quickly; remember, if you’re fast, it might not pick some particles because jute rugs require special care.

Besides the jute rugs, this vac proved very impressive on hard and VPL floors. To see how it would perform, I threw some pieces of seeds on the floor, and it cleaned the flooring effortlessly.

Its suction-powered turbo brush is bliss for cleaning rugs and carpets because, I think, only suction is not enough for deep cleaning of large or medium pile rugs; its power is better than Shark 362.

You can lift its canister to clean above-floor places like stairs, roof ceilings, curtains, sofas, etc.; plus, you can use its wand for vacuuming large debris and hard-to-reach places; you’ll see most of the vacuums (without a wand) struggling with large debris.

While cleaning or emptying bagless vacuums, a considerable amount of dust comes back to your room, but this vacuum comes with a solid solution in the shape of a sealed bag, so the dust or debris is 100% cleaned.


Lift-Up Technology

It is the best feature of this vacuum; you can easily convert it into a canister vacuum by pressing one button; it becomes even more lightweight and allows you to clean various places where a vacuum can not go.

Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Like Shark NV362, Kenmore BU4050 is also equipped with a self-cleaning brush roll; it cleans itself.

Large Dust Cup

Many people, including me, pay special attention to the capacity of the dust cup because if it is too small, you have to empty it again and again, which is a waste of time. Still, its dust cup contains a considerable capacity which is 3 liters.

Touchless Bags

In most vacuums, you have to grip or pull the dust bag, which makes your hands dirty, but if you buy this vacuum, you only have to press the button to release the bag in the dustbin, so it reduces your contact with the dust.

LED Lights

It also has led headlights at the forehead; I have also told you the benefits of these lights.

HEPA Filters

As I explained earlier, HEPA filtration is one of a kind regarding dust and allergens, which I am a big fan of; this uplift vacuum is also equipped with 2 HEPA filters. These filters are blissful for dust-allergic people.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful suction
  • Best for jute rug vacuuming


  • No height adjustment for floor unit
  • The vacuum head is a little bit smaller

5- ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a commercial-category vacuum for your jute rugs, you must check out this upright vacuum cleaner by Oreck.

Some people always complain about the cord length of vacuums, but Oreck Xl won’t disappoint you because it has a 35-feet long cord that can easily be wrapped on the back of the vacuum plus, this cord is pretty flexible.

If we talk about its suction power, I have to say it is almost impossible to locate a vacuuming machine with this much power of suction in this price bracket; plus, it is the most lightweight vacuum on our list and weighs only 9 pounds which is half the weight of its competitors.

Commercial Vacuum

Commercial vacuums are always better than domestic vacuums in everything; the case is the same coming to its noise which is not too much; besides this, what has surprised me is its functionality.

I was so excited to put it to the test, so I threw sand and artificial hair on my friend’s jute rug at his home; I was not expecting much from this vacuum, considering its weight, but I was astonished witnessing it clean the rug with such precision.

Its deep cleaning brush is also magical for cleaning rugs and carpets, it doesn’t have a button for the transition from carpets to floors, but it does have plastic on the bottom, which lets you clean all the surfaces.

This handheld vacuum does have a little brush under the head, so you can use this head for vacuuming narrow places which are hard to reach by a 12-inch head, and lastly, coming to its noise, it is not super quiet, yet it is normal like it is a commercial vacuum.



Its design is elegant, plus it is designed in a way that it is suitable for various surfaces, including carpets, rugs, laminate, tile, etc.

High-Speed Brush Roll

Unlike traditional vacuums, its bush roll spins quickly and allows you to clean large and medium pile rugs deeply.


With the help of this feature, you can effortlessly switch from bare floors to carpets. 


  • Long cord
  • Lightweight
  • Great suction
  • Super easy to use


  • The filtration system could be better
  • No attachments

So these were the best vacuums for jute rugs; now, let’s look at the buying guide.

Buying Guide (How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Jute Rug)

Money is hard to earn, and time is precious, so you must consider the below-mentioned factors before buying any vacuum for your jute rugs:


Price has to be the most important factor when buying a vacuum or something; a reasonable price is always better.

Vacuum Type

Vacuums of different types available on the market, like canister, robot, stick, upright, and more, have their features, pros, and cons, so I recommend you pick the one that belongs to your type.

Most older women prefer canister vacuum cleaners; the right vacuum cleaner for the right place has to be the best.

Suction Power

What if you buy a highly advertised expensive vacuum, but its suction is not good?

That would be a disaster, so you should buy a vacuum that is very good at suction because you intend to clean the jute rug with a pile.


Some people like to have corded vacuums, while others prefer cordless vacuums; both have advantages and disadvantages.


Most people prefer vacuums with several attachments, including mine, but some people find it hard to manage this many attachments; it all depends on what people think. I like the upholstery attachment.

It would be better if a vacuum had a special brush or tools for cleaning rugs and carpets.


If a vacuum is not maneuverable and can reach narrow or tight spaces, it wastes money and time.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are also a concern for many people, particularly women, who prefer lightweight vacuums because they are easy to lift and use, but some people don’t care about their weight and size.

Besides all these factors, a vacuum should also be durable and eco-friendly.

Let’s move on to the FAQs,

FAQs: (best vacuum wowcontent)

What vacuum to use on the jute rug?

You should try Shark NV362 on a jute rug; it won’t disappoint you.

Can I vacuum my jute rug?

Of course, you can vacuum your jute rugs but use the right one.

What type of vacuum is best for rugs?

As per my understanding, upright vacuum cleaners are the best type of vacuum for jute rugs.

Do dust mites live in jute rugs?

Because jute rugs are made of natural fibers, they shed dust under them.

Is it okay to vacuum a rug?

Yes, it is fine if you vacuum a rug; this is one of the best ways to keep your jute rug neat and clean.

Can I use canister vacuum cleaners on my jute rug?

yes, you can

Wrapping Up:

That’s all from my side on the best vacuum wowcontent; keep in mind that a jute rug is delicate and sophisticated though it is luxury; if you keep it cleaning manually, it will lose its durability and beauty.

So it would be best if you used a vacuum specially designed for cleaning rugs or carpets; you should also consider the factors I mentioned in the buying guide before buying a vacuum.

I hope this article has helped you make your decision; if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cleaning, and Thanks for Reading!

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