Apply now for online typing jobs in Pakistan for $10000 per day

We all know that technology has become the backbone of every business. It is only easy to grow your business with the help of technology. Suppose you sell services like on-page SEO, Graphic designing, web development, etc. In that case, it means you are selling these technology services and cannot sell them without using technology. You must use a computer, laptop, mobile, and internet to sell these services. Technology plays an essential role in the life of humans. Now we can only do anything with the help of technology. This article will suggest the best ten online typing jobs in Pakistan and tell you how to apply for these jobs.

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Top 10 online typing jobs in Pakistan:

1. Data scientists

2. SEO

3. Graphic Designing

4. Web developer

5. Machine learning engineer

6. Java Developer

7. Freelancing

8. Software Manufacturing

9. Content writing

Data scientists

As we can see, many people are coming towards the online field, and google also wants data to show people. It is the main reason that data scientists are becoming the number one field in this generation. Data scientists consist of many components;

Web scraping:

Data scraping and web scraping are the same terms. It means copying data from one website and pasting it into the other. For example, sometimes a website contains good data like good products, etc., and people also want to see such data. Then people use web scraping to copy such data. There are also many tools for web scraping, but google does not allow agencies to copy data. Google has made a captcha just because of this so that no robot can crawl the website. There are also many components, but web scraping and content writing are the main components. It is one of the best online typing jobs in Pakistan.


The salary of data scientists in the USA is about $130000 per month, which is very good compared to other fields. Moreover, it is one of the most accessible works to do in the online area. Therefore, if you want to apply for this job, you can use it by searching it on google or reading other articles on this website. There are no other online typing jobs in Pakistan like this.


Search engine optimization is one of the giant online typing jobs in Pakistan. SEO is the work of google websites. There are two types of SEO. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. In on-page SEO, we have to install some plugins and add articles. To know how to do on-page SEO, you should read other articles on this website. In off-page SEO, you have to add links and guest posts. If you add 2 to 4 links daily, you can quickly get ranked on Google. There are a lot of SEO jobs in every country, and SEO is also growing so fastly, and we will recommend you do this job because the salary of this job is very high than others.

SEO depends on these components:

1. Javascript


3. Backend programming languages

4. Design skills

5. Git and GitHub

6. Database storage


8. Rest

9. Web architecture

Seo is also the most accessible field that anyone can do. Therefore, it will be straightforward if you need to learn SEO and want to do so. For SEO, download a plugin called 10web booster; this plugin will do the SEO of your website automatically.

Graphic Designing

It is also an online typing jobs in Pakistan, but many companies are hiring people who know about graphic design. If you want to apply for this job, you should search graphic designing USA best companies and easily use them. In graphic designing, we have to design logos like logos for companies or posters.

Web developers

In today’s generation, everyone is working from home and making their websites; some want someone else to make them. There are many companies in the USA which are hiring people who know how to develop a website. Web designing is trendy in the USA because this field comes from the USA, and a man makes the first website in google in the USA.

Web development is straightforward; if you do not know how to create a website, then follow these steps:

1. Buy a hosting and domain from a trusted platform.

2. Connect domain and hosting

3. You will get the login link to your website with your username and password.

4. log in to your website

5. Do SEO of your wesbite

6. Add pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer. These pages play an essential role in web development.

7. Then start adding articles.

The other fields mentioned in the article are also famous in the USA, and the jobs in these fields are present there. If you are finding employment in the USA, these fields will be best for you. These are the only fields that can make you rich in a month, and if you want to start your own business, then you can use these fields for your business. With $20, you can create your business.

Content writing

It is also the best online typing jobs in Pakistan. Many companies hire people for content writing, and getting a job is verified easily. If you want to do something other than the job, you can sell content writing services on any platform like Fiverr and upwork. You can earn more than 2 lakh in one month with content writing, and I suggest you do content writing. If you do not know how to do content writing, then you have to follow these steps:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Found the topic on google
  3. Read the article in google and then write your own

You can also sell the services of content writing on Facebook. But there are many scams on Facebook. So we suggest you take the payment first.

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