Baggu laptop sleeve in less price

In today’s world, we all have laptops because we cannot live without technology. Technology plays an essential role in the life of humans and animals also. Follow the rules of technology to be successful in life. If we do not study, then we will not get a job, and if we do not follow the technology, how can we make health instruments like blood pressure machines, sugar checker machines, and machines for operation? In technology, the laptop plays the leading role because all the designs of the devices make on laptops, and we all earn through notebooks nowadays. If you want to earn through a computer, you can read the other articles on this website. In this article, we will explain the benefits of the baggu laptop sleeve.

Benefits of baggu laptop sleeve 

There are a lot of benefits of covering your laptop with a baggu laptop sleeve. If you cover a laptop with a baggu laptop sleeve, then your laptop will save from every kind of scratch. A good quality baggu laptop sleeve can help you handle a laptop efficiently. Sometimes you have to take your laptop to your office, college, and university, and it is challenging to take it outside because the laptop’s size and weight are large. So a baggu laptop sleeve can help you take a laptop outside safely. If you put your computer in the baggu laptop sleeve, you can quickly wear the bag, and you will not be afraid that your laptop will be stolen or you can lose it. It also looks very cool when you are wearing a baggu laptop sleeve. If you are interested in buying a baggu laptop sleeve, click the link below. This link will take you to the page of amazon, and then you will see a lot of bags you can easily choose one of them. All of the baggy laptop bags will be of high quality. You have to select a color from your choice. If you buy the bag from this link, you will also get a discount.

We suggest you buy a baggy laptop bag of leather or parashot. If you buy the baggy laptop bag of this stuff, you can take the laptop outside when it rains. However, if you believe in a pack of ordinary cloth, then you can not take the bag with you, and if you take the bag with you, your laptop will be destroyed.

Disadvantages of baggu laptop bag

There is no disadvantage to a baggu laptop bag because this bag is specially designed to benefit you guys.

How to earn through google websites, and how to make one?

It is widespread to earn through the google website nowadays. In this article, we will guide you on how to make google websites and how to achieve through it.


There are many platforms in Google where you can make websites, like WordPress and blogger. It is totally up to you which forum you want to make the website. WordPress is the most simple and easy-to-use platform, and blogger is a little tricky. However, both platforms make the same website, and the website appears the same on google.

You can create a website on health, sports, education, jobs, etc. Moreover, it is straightforward to earn through a website.

How to make a website?

First, buy a domain and hosting. We have also posted an article on the best domain and hosting; if you want to know about the benefits of the best domain and hosting, you should read that article. After buying the domain and hosting, attach them, and then you get the URL of your website. Then go to hosting and open Cpanel, then download WordPress or blogger.

After downloading WordPress or blogger, do some of the websites. If you need to learn SEO on the website, go to the plugins, add new and download 10web booster. If you download this plugin, then this plugin will do SEO of your site automatically.

After doing the SEO of the site, add pages like a disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and services, contact us, and about us. These pages play an essential role in a website. Without these pages, your website cannot rank on google and get AdSense approval. Adsense approval is the approval by google, which means google shows ads on your website and allows your website to earn.

Articles on the website

After doing all the things mentioned above, add articles to the website. If you need to learn how to write articles, then first choose the topic and search for it on google. Then write it in your own words. There are also many article writer tools. If you use this tool, then google will not rank your website and also do not crawl your website.

Post 1 to 2 articles daily and submit them in the google search console.

Google search consoile

Google search console is a platform where you add links to your posts and request Google to index your posts. If google indexes your posts, then your posts will appear on google; otherwise, no one can see your posts. Therefore, adding a site to the google search console is very important. If you do not add the suite to google search Console, then google will not give you AdSense approval.


After posting 30 to 40 articles on your website of 1000 words, you should apply for Adsense. It is straightforward to use for Adsense. Just go to AdSense, make an account and add the site. They will give you a code; you must add the code in the first head-to-head section of the website. If you have not added the pages on your website, then google will not give you AdSense, or if you have written the articles with the help of the article rewriter tool, then google will also not give you AdSense. Sometimes google gives AdSense to a very low website, and occasionally sit does not give AdSense to an excellent website. So you have to try again and again.

After getting the AdSense approval on your site, you will get 1 dollar if one person comes to you and 2 dollars if two people come to you in a day.

Amazon Affiliate

Some people want to earn through amazon by selling their products through the google website, which is also good. But we will recommend you only add links on your site if you want AdSense approval also. You can add links if you wish to use something other than AdSense. After getting AdSense approval, you can add any connection or sell any product.

But we will recommend you earn through both AdSense and amazon. Because in AdSense, you have to do nothing. You have to add articles.

Which plugins are best for SEO?

You should download the 10web booster plugin to learn how to do SEO. This plugin will do the SEO of your site 100% right. But if you know how to do SEO, these articles will be best for you.

1. WProcket

2. Asset Clean Up

These two plugins are the best plugins for SEO.

Suppose you want to make websites for people, then you should put your contact info at the bottom of your website. Then, when someone comes to your website and if he likes the design of your website, then he could hire you.

You can easily earn through google if you follow these steps, and we suggest you buy a baggu laptop bag if you go outside with the bag.

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