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Photography has become more popular in the last few years, and people want to show their beautiful looks on social media. The popularity of beauty cameras has increased. Beautycam Mod APK is an award-winning in the category of photography. Beauty cam Mod APK is a self-portrait camera and photo editing app with over 100 million users. Meitu, a Chinese company, developed it. Beautycam mod APK is a complete package for those who want to create beautiful-looking images. It has many built-in features that can help you enhance your pictures. On the beautycam mod APK , you don’t need much editing because your photo taken by beautycam is already sweetened.

Beautycam Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Pro Features

You can use thousands of premium features like filters, stickers, skin colors, hair, and other retouching features, which you can only operate in the Beatycam Pro APK if you have a subscription. But in the Beautycam Mod APK , you get all these features for free.

No watermark

When you use the premium features of the app in the free version, the beautycam mod APK prints a watermark on the exported image. The beautycam mod APK has no watermark. You will not face watermark issues on your exported photos or videos. 

Ai Art

Now you can create art using your images. It is the very first option you see after opening the app. It can generate an artistic look of any photo using ai technology. The ai art feature was recently launched and still needs a lot of improvements. We tried this feature, which is good but not better than the picsart mod APK art feature. While converting the art from an image reduces the celerity of the picture. 

Video camera

Beautycam mod APK comes with a feature name “vlog” This is a camera specially built for vlogging. You can find different stabilizers in the camera feature. The best one is the iPhone stabilizer which stabilizes the video and makes it smoother. You can adjust the beauty of the live videos using the camera features. There are hundreds of filters, stickers, and styles which you can use to create a video vlog.

The retouch option enables you to enhance the beauty of your eyes, nose, face, and other body parts. Girls can use women’s makeup kits specially made for women.

Video Editor

It’s a complete beauty camera with all the premium features. Don’t worry if you didn’t record the video on the beautycam mod APK . You can still use all the video features of the beautycam mod APK . Import your already-made video and then start editing it. With the premium features of the beautycam mod APK , you can stabilize your video and enhance its beauty. The beautycam mod APK has all the video editing features like cut, crop, and trim. Except for these necessary features, you got some extra features like video filters, a Makeup kit, and stabilization. You can use this video editor if you’re a vlogger with skin color or body shape problems. It can enhance the color of your teeth and skin and make your body slim and smart, and it has a complete makeup kit that can help you improve your beauty in the video.

Built-in iPhone camera

This feature is best for those who want to take pictures using an iPhone camera but don’t have an iPhone.The iPhone camera is a built-in feature in beautycam mod APK. It is more than just a rear camera. Though it is not equal to the iPhone camera, it can still capture HD and beautiful images. You can record the video or take selfies using the iPhone camera feature. 

Live streaming through beautycam Mod APK .

Going live on any social media app with the rear camera is much more difficult because it doesn’t enhance the face’s beauty. People with bad skin feel unconfident going live with any rear camera. That’s why beautycam mod APK has the feature of going live with beauty camera filters which means you will go live on any social media app, and you can still use the beauty filters of beautycam mod APK.

Script Reader

This top-notch feature is for vloggers and other content creators. It enables you to read the script while recording the video. The script you paste in this video shows on your screen, and you can easily read it, which looks so real, and your eye connection remains the same with the camera. You can increase or decrease the speed of script scrolling.

How to Download & install Beautycam Mod APK

  1. Scroll up and find the download button
  2. Click on it the file will be downloaded to your device
  3. Go to the file manager of your device 
  4. Find the app that you download from our website
  5. Click on it 
  6. A pop-up will show on the screen. You need to allow access to unknown resources to install this app
  7. After this, follow the package installer
  8. You can use it now. The app is installed successfully.


We hope that you will like the features of the beautycam mod APK. You can download the app from the link above and start using this app to enjoy the premium features for free. Beautycam mod is the best solution for those who want to create beautiful vlog videos or want to take photos using an iPhone camera.

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