Best Electric Skateboards Under 500

Do you consider yourself a person who enjoys speeding down the sidewalk? If you answered yes, then you’ve found the right place. Many people want to ride a high-speed skateboard for enjoyment, or some like this to reach their destination quickly. But do you have a skateboard? Skateboards are expensive everywhere, and you won’t be able to purchase them. What’s your plan?  So, which skateboards do you recommend? Is there anything you could do to get what you want that wouldn’t break the bank? If you read this essay attentively to the end, you will get the answers you need. Within these lines, you’ll find information about the 11 best electric skateboards under 500.

You can get a lot of other skateboards within your budget, but do you believe these skateboards meet your requirements? The electric skateboard will be the best option for skateboarders of all skill levels. An electric skateboard is ideal for every rider, no matter their skill level.


MEEPO’s newest product is version 4, which was released not too long ago. Older MEEPO boars are known for their lightning-fast acceleration and braking. This board takes a different approach, providing a more polished and comfortable ride. Similarly, the MEEPO V3’s maximum speed is 29 miles per hour.

Meepo V4 wheels and trucks are broader, providing greater stability. With the ESC, acceleration is significantly more gradual and consistent. It lacks the V3’s Pro mode’s extremely quick stops and explosive starts.

It’s a lot easier to ride now. By making the deck more concave, more flex is added. The new, more comfortable ride directly results from the broader vehicles. This board is great for beginners because of its minimal stopping distance and acceleration.

Unfortunately, there needs to be a grip on the deck. It weighs nearly 17 pounds, so it’s not exactly light. It would have been great if a handle had been included in the deck for portability. An 8-amp charger can be fully charged from the dead in 30 minutes. This board does not come with an 8amp charger. It costs extra.

You may go up to 11 miles with the board’s signal. Your speed will decrease from there, depending on how aggressively you ride. If you need even more mileage than the standard V4 can provide, the ER model is your best option.

There is still a high maximum speed, but the ride is considerably more comfortable and easy to handle. Even with all of these additional features, the price of this skateboard is still around $500, making it accessible to skateboarders of all skill levels. There is a 6-month guarantee included with every purchase. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.

Hiboyy S22

Hiboyy S22 is the skateboard for you if you’re looking for something that can take you long distances quickly. This skateboard has an impressive range, able to go around 29 kilometers (18 miles) in a single go. Learn to ride this skateboard well; it will be a great companion on your long journeys. At 40 km/h, this skateboard is nearly fast enough to be considered competitive. It will make you feel like you’re flying down the road when you get aboard.

The two batteries on this skateboard have a combined capacity of 600 Watts, making them among the most powerful in the industry. Thanks to its massive battery, you need not worry about vibrations on this long-distance skateboard. This skateboard has wheels of roughly 90 millimeters in diameter, which greatly aid in dampening vibrations caused by the power source’s batteries.

The extensive range of this skateboard makes it ideal for commuting to and from university or college and other locations. The price of this skateboard is less than $500, and it comes with a 6-month guarantee. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.

 Backfire G2 Black 

It’s worth noting that the Backfire G2 Black 2020 is currently one of the most amazing affordable electric skateboards on the market. Like Backfire’s popular G2 board, this one has been modified for improved performance. The brand has improved the board by updating several key specifications to make it more affordable and appealing.

There is no more room on the board’s deck. This is something that clients have wanted for quite some time. Additionally, they improved the Remote Control for the Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), which now has an LCD screen. The battery and electronic speed controller (ESC) casings on Backfire are also more sealed than those on its predecessor, making the vehicle more water resistant. The improvements to a skate session are subtle, but they all add up.

The most significant improvement, though, is its battery. A power surge increased it by 40%, so now it has 180 Wh instead of 144 Wh. According to Backfire, you may go up to 18 kilometers (11 miles) on this battery. The stated range is likely to be rather near to the actual range. I appreciate your now-overstated gratitude, Backfire.

Backfire’s US-based warehouse is another plus. This means that transit times might be as little as a few weeks. In comparison to both Meepo and Exway, this is lightning quick. The possible deciding factor in purchasing. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.

Tooluck electric skateboard

As far as affordable skateboards go, Tooluck electric skateboard is your best choice. If you’re a pro skateboarder, you should look elsewhere. The maximum speed that this skateboard can achieve is 38 kilometers per hour. This skateboard is ideal for novices since it is easy to use. In terms of distance, this skateboard can be 19 kilometers or around 12 miles. Since this is manageable for a novice, it is recommended that they do so. 

Because it is constructed out of bamboo and maple from Canada, this skateboard is quite durable. It’s 8 layers deep! Two skateboard’s eight layers are manufactured from bamboo, while the others are constructed from Canadian Maple. For that reason, it’s recommended that all riders at the novice level get this item.

The deck of this skateboard is pliable, making it more suitable for novice riders. All-new riders may enjoy a smooth ride on the 90mm 82A wheels. Those 500 watts are split between two hub motors. Approximately three hours are required to charge this skateboard completely. There’s a 30% incline to go up the hills. Thus, it’s adequate for riders at the novice level.

You can obtain this skateboard for less than $500, and we back it with a 90-day guarantee, so it’s suitable for riders of any skill level.

Possway T3

The Possway T3 leads in its class because of its rapid peak speed and removable battery pack. The 105mm wheels and concave deck make this a great commuter or starter board.

It’s one of the quicker electric skateboards, with a peak speed of 28 miles per hour. There is no harsh or abrupt acceleration. Despite the board’s 1000-watt motor, the acceleration and brakes have been tamed for novice riders. T3 boards are not quite as difficult as Meepo boards.

Supposedly, it can go up to 18 miles. On flat ground, the typical rider can count on it to carry them for around 15 kilometers. The interchangeable battery is great for those who often travel a considerable distance from home. In a matter of seconds, you can switch out the batteries. You may buy the board with anything from one to three batteries based on your requirements.

Compared to boards with 90mm street wheels, the 105mm urban terrain wheels provide a smoother and more pleasant ride. They are flexible enough to fix the problems of broken pavement and potholes. They work on densely packed gravel but need help to travel offroad.

An official maximum hill angle of 25% has been declared. You’d need an extremely light rider or a very light board to tackle climbs like that. In all likelihood, it can manage grades up to 10% to 15%. The board performs better on hills with the optional 90mm wheels.

The remote’s buttons are typical fare, making it simple to use. Besides forward and backward, it also features a cruise control setting. It lets you fine-tune performance with various forward speed and brake settings.

With its powerful motor and long battery life, the Possway T3 is an excellent choice. With wide 105mm wheels and a removable battery, this e-skateboard stands out from the crowd of alternatives that cost less than $500. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.

RazorX Cruiser

RazorX Cruiser is a kid-sized skateboard. Finding a good skateboard for kids without breaking the bank is a priority if you’re in the market. We found this product for your kids. This product’s major feature is its low price, so don’t worry if it’s cheap. To top it all off, you can expect to pay less for the same high standard of service. Feel free to get this skateboard for your children since it is the greatest available.

This skateboard can go 11 kilometers in a single go and travel at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour since it is designed for children. Kids love skateboards because of their portability and the ease with which they can go short distances quickly. There is a 125-watt belt-driven motor on this skateboard, and it takes almost 2 hours to charge fully. 

This skateboard is designed with just 5 layers of wood and is thinner than standard boards since it is intended for younger riders.

Kids can handle its 83 mm 80 A wheels. You can get this device at almost any internet retailer for less than $500; they all come with a minimum 90-day guarantee.


If you’re looking for a versatile board, go no further than the SKATEBOLT Tornado II. It travels quickly and smoothly, and it has a decent amount of range. It’s one of the pricier boards we looked at, but it offers excellent value compared to others.

The maximum range is given as 24 miles. Riders who maintain a steady pace may go more than 20 miles. This one is a clear winner compared to competing boards priced at less than $500. It’s a quick board, too, with a peak speed of 26 miles per hour.

The 8-ply maple construction makes for a rather wooden deck. The deck’s concavity provides a secure footing.

This board feels quite sturdy and robust thanks to the big trucks and broad wheels (90mm in diameter). Acceleration is smooth and stable up to its maximum speed. Steel trucks provide heft, but the thick deck and large frame contribute to a silky ride.

The board’s distinctive design is exemplified by its front and rear lights. Due to this, riding on the road at night is a breeze. As you apply the brakes, the red brake lights will illuminate.

Skateboard repairs are significantly more convenient, thanks to SKATEBOLT’s Los Angeles-based service facility.

The board’s fast peak speed, extensive range, and comfortable ride make it a superb all-around choice. It’s a little pricey, but it won’t leave you wanting more. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.

Viro Rides electric drift skateboard.

When looking for a board under $500, this skateboard is a good option. You’ll have a blast riding this electric skateboard since it’s unlike anything else on the market. This skateboard is solid and secure, with a weight of over 20 lbs and a width of around 35 inches.

Offer the option of a wireless speed controller as you carve tight turns and do incredible skating feats on this board. The thumb button on the controller allows instant on/off operation. Using the remote, you may choose between four different drift types to manage your turn angles.

With this skateboard, you may experience the thrill of skating in an entirely new manner. You can make the rear wheels spin close to 36 ° when you push down on the slide bars. Using this technique, you’ll be able to carve, turn more tightly, and do other cool feats easily.

Reduced flexibility but guaranteed longevity because of the tough polyurethane substance used in manufacturing. Also, the electric skateboard receives consistent power from the robust brushless motor.

For those on a tighter budget, the turn-style electric skateboard from Viro Ride is the way to go. This skateboard provides maximum comfort for less than $100, making it accessible to many riders. 

The AE2 Board

It’s another fast skateboard, reaching up to 47 kilometers per hour. It has a top speed of around 26 kilometers per hour. Any experienced rider would appreciate this degree of speed. The eight-ply construction of this skateboard’s Canadian maple makes it suitable for riders weighing a lot.

You may effortlessly steer the AE2 board using a wireless controller. This fully loaded skateboard can be purchased for $500 from any good internet retailer. Therefore, this budget is favorable. This skateboard comes with a 12-month warranty at no extra cost to you. It is the best best electric skateboards under 500.


Electric skateboards are enjoyable to ride, excellent for fitness, and great for commuting. Their versatility makes them desirable. Top-tier electric skateboards are too pricey and only suitable for some people. An affordable device under $500 may provide years of fun on the skateboard.

Not all electric skateboards priced under $500 are created equal. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best skateboards under $500, ranging from the fast to the least expensive and lightest. Our thorough research will help you choose the best electric skateboard, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the thrill of riding.

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