Best Security Cameras for Home Assistants

Suppose you’re worried about the possibility of someone breaking into your house to steal your belongings or are just looking to watch your pet’s activities to determine the petty things. When you’re away, installing multiple security cameras inside your home is a good idea.

Today’s video surveillance cameras are equipped with a wide range of security options, such as night vision smart notifications, intelligent alarms, audio monitoring, professional-grade multi-cameras, and more.

The most important feature is that many of these systems for surveillance are compatible with a mobile application.

Using your mobile phone or wherever you go, you can monitor what’s happening in your home.

There are a lot of top-quality security camera models that are available. So many of you may feel overwhelmed, so we’ve created this top security camera buying guide to help you locate the suitable model. Perfect.

6 Tips for Buying Best Security Camera for Home Assistant

Before purchasing a security camera for your home, you must consider some things before jumping onto the buying process. To help you, we’ve created an analysis of the top cameras for video surveillance that is available, considering the following factors:

  • Location The location: Where do you intend to set up the camera, indoors or outside? Based on the place, the camera needs to be able to perform different functions. For instance, the outdoor camera needs to be weatherproofed and installed by you, while indoor cameras are more straightforward. Some require no wires and can move around your home.
  • The number of cameras What is the space you intend to watch? If it’s a tiny area, one camera will suffice. However, consider purchasing several cameras to cover the site if it’s more extensive.
  • Image quality: Referring to the first point dimensions of the space to be observed will determine the resolution you’ll require. Ideally, the images should be captured in Full HD or 1920X1080 pixels.
  • Audio: The incorporation of two-way audio into security systems is an additional option if, along with recording video, you are keen to hear what’s taking place.
  • The type of connectivity: Most cameras require connection to an online source for operation, but the cameras could have wireless devices, a camera that requires cables, Wi-Fi, or cameras that operate via an IP.
  • The power supply would like the camera to be connected to power, or have a battery to deal with power interruptions, or

6 Best Security Cameras for Home Assistants

TP-Link TAPO C200

The TP-Link Tapo C200 is among the most effective options for surveillance cameras if you’re contemplating putting a camera like this in your backyard. It comes with a motion sensor that will notify you with the sound of an alarm as it senses unusual animals or persons and scares them off by using sound and light.

The camera also comes with a night vision system and 360-degree angles to monitor the surroundings in all circumstances. It comes with one 128GB SD slot to save your videos and records at 1080p resolution, which means the pictures you receive are sharp.

Two-way communications only work when you are near the device. This is because the microphone could be of better quality. You also must be cautious when setting the levels of motion detection to ensure that it’s not too sensitive and is not triggered by small animals.


  • Size: 8.66 x 8.5 x 11.7 cm
  • Power: 9W
  • Mounting ceiling and foot
  • Video resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Special features include a microphone night vision motion alarm, and a wide angle.
  • Connection: Wi-Fi and mobile


  • Light alarm and sound
  • Vision with a wide range
  • Wireless connection to other devices


  • Highly sensitive to motion detectors.
  • upgradeable microphone

YI Surveillance Camera, Wifi IP Camera 1080p Full HD Security System

Its YI Surveillance Camera offers you the most discreet and small appearance, yet at an affordable price that is ideal for any pocket. It can be placed on the floor, on the wall, or upside down on the ceiling and it has an adjustable base to adjust to your most optimal viewing angle.

The camera has an evening mode with eight infrared light bulbs that are not intrusive, which means you could light up the child’s bedroom without affecting the rest of their lives. It is also equipped with an advanced encryption security feature, making it harder to hack into the device.

The camera can be saved the photos to an SD slot and directly in the cloud, but this option requires an account. The motion detector that comes with it is not very effective, making it an additional camera for pets or children.


  • Size: 7 x 5.9 x 12.2 cm
  • Mounting Ceiling, foot, and wall ceiling
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Special features: Microphone, Night vision, motion detector, and cloud storage
  • Connection: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Alexa


  • light device
  • Adjustable base for different angles
  • Alexa connectivity
  • The price is competitive


  • Subscription cloud storage
  • Poor motion detector

Eufy Security Wireless Surveillance Camera for Outdoor Use EufyCam 2C

Eufy Security is a security system with two security cameras and a base. Both use batteries and are made to be hung on the walls. You can put it inside and outside your home since it has an IP67 waterproofing level, making it resistant to any weather.

It has an advanced image enhancement system and a motion sensor that detects the silhouette of a person and doesn’t jiggle with animals, and gives you false alarms. On the bottom of the camera, there’s a small light, which is powerful, and you can put the camera in front of your home to make it glow at night.

Because it is connected to Alexa and comes with an audio device, you’ll be able to respond in real-time. This gadget is a complete solution for those looking to enhance home security. Home, even though the mobile app sometimes needs to perform better.


  • Size: 8.12 x 4.79 x 5.69 cm
  • Battery: 2 batteries
  • Mounting: Wall
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Special features include a microphone, waterproof motion detection with alert and camera lights built-in
  • Connection: Wi-Fi and Alexa


  • Waterproof and resistant
  • Smart Image Enhancement
  • people detection
  • Military encryption
  • Two-camera pack


  • Mobile app for Buggy
  • High-priced

Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera 360

Xiaomi MI Home Security is a camera designed to be put on the top of your house and offers a 360-degree panorama view with high-quality 1080p . Additionally, with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can transmit the images via the RF antenna this camera comes with and to other devices so that you can view the photos.

It’s easy to change the camera’s settings using the “Mi Home” mobile app. It comes with a night vision feature that lets you manage the home at any moment and does so without making any noise because it comes with a silent mode where the lenses emit little or no noise when they turn.

Because it is connected to your Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to access live video from outside your home, and it needs to be able to program the camera to specific dates. If you are using it for an extended period and you’ll notice that it is hot, keep it running for a short time, or you risk burning it.


  • Size: 16 x 9 x 8cm
  • Battery: 1 Battery
  • Mounting: Ceiling and foot
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Special features: Wide angle night vision mode and motion detection
  • Connection: Wi-Fi


  • Wide angle for panoramic vision
  • It is easily configurable via an app
  • Silent mode


  • It is possible only to view the live image when connected to your WiFi
  • It can boil when it’s been used for a long time.

EZVIZ Camara Vigilancia WiFi Interior 360o, Camara Vigilancia Bebe 1080P

The EZVIZ Surveillance Camera has an extra connectivity feature that lets you monitor how securely your home is connected from any location. Alongside the mobile app connected to Wi-Fi, you can also share the camera’s access with other devices and people who don’t need to connect to your network, ensuring everything is in check.

Furthermore, as you can connect your camera to smart devices, such as Google Home or Alexa, you can set up your camera with voice commands effortlessly. Saving the photos to your SD is the standard choice, but it offers cloud storage, which allows unlimited storage.

Motion detection is an inbuilt feature. However, IR image enhancement isn’t that efficient in this setting. The microphone included could be better, and if you are looking to share photos, you’ll need to pay a monthly charge; however, in the end, it’s an extremely quiet camera that comes at a highly affordable cost.


  • Size: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″
  • Power: 5W/h
  • Mounting: Floor and ceiling
  • Video resolution: 1080p
  • Special features include motion alert, microphone, and image-sharing night vision, as well as Smart IR
  • Connection: WiFi, Alexa, Google Home, and cable


  • Connect to Google Home and Alexa
  • Upload your images from your camera to any device
  • It’s a little loud
  • Excellent price


  • Smart IR, when used in motion detection mode, isn’t highly efficient
  • A monthly fee is charged to access certain features

Wansview WIFI IP Camera with 1080P Outdoor Camera, night Vision Motion Sensor

Wansview IP Camera makes use of an application called the “Wansview Cloud” application so that you can access photos of your house from any location and utilize the microphone on your mobile to talk with your pet or persons who live within your home and will be able to respond since it also has a microphone in the camera.

You can add additional camera systems to the same model’s security and view them on your smartphone. If it spots a person living in your home and you’re away, the system will inform you instantly, and the pictures are saved to the application itself or on your SD card, which has capacities of 128GB.

It can be connected to Alexa to activate the camera using voice commands and Wi-Fi, though it can’t connect to 5GHz networks. The initial connection may be complicated; however, everything is described in the instructions and user manual included with the program.


  • Size: 13 x 12.2 x 8.8cm
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Mounting: Ceiling and foot
  • Video Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Special features include wide-angle and two-way audio. Motion detector and night vision
  • Connection: Wi-Fi and Alexa


  • It lets you establish conversations over a distance
  • Other gadgets can be added to the security system.
  • Motion detection alert


  • Does not permit connection to 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

How do you install a video surveillance camera in your home? Recommendations and tips.

Before installing your camera, the first thing to do is to determine which places you’ll be monitoring and consider the essential factors when placing the cameras. You then need to follow these steps:

Check the equipment before installing it

Begin to run the camera and ensure that it is operating flawlessly. Set it up temporarily (with electrical tape, for instance) to ensure that it can pick up the angle you want and that there aren’t any obstructions blocking the view.

Be aware of tools.

Be cautious when using the tools you plan to install, as specific tools could damage the camera’s components, such as the lens casing or the casing.

Maintenance and cleaning

Make sure you take the camera to be cleaned regularly because any drop or dirt on the lens could impact the quality of the photo. So, when using outside cameras, be sure to put them in a convenient location for the time you need to clean them.

Camera altitude

In this case, you should be aware of whether the device you intend to set up is a camera that is outside or inside. If it’s outside, it is essential to determine the level you will set it up, making sure to place it as high as possible to prevent theft, without forgetting that it records the entire view angle. If it’s an inside camera, it is recommended to put it in the space in the corner.

Camera direction

In the outdoors, don’t focus the camera directly toward the sun since it could impact the sharpness of images. Instead, try deliberately pointing it opposite from the sun’s light. Indoors, keep it from the windows, as this will also affect the quality of the images.

How to select the most suitable Security Camera for your Home Assistant

Security cameras of various types

If you want to purchase the camera that best meets your needs, it’s crucial to be aware of each model’s advantages and drawbacks in the marketplace. This is why we’ve compiled this guide that lists the various types of cameras today and some information that could serve you.

Wired cameras for indoor use

Most of the time, the camera will require professional installation because of its complex system. It uses an integrated recording device connected to an ethernet or coaxial cable. The primary benefit of this device is that, due to its dome design, it provides the most expansive area of view that could be useful to view every inch of your home in full detail.

Wireless indoor cameras

If you’re seeking a more straightforward option to set up wireless cameras for indoor use, the name Wi-Fi, also known as IP cameras, features cloud storage systems that protect all data you collect through an internet connection. While these typically require the use of a power cable, however, the transmission of the video signal is entirely wireless.

Wired cameras for outdoor use

In contrast to the typical dome shape of indoor cameras, outdoor wired cameras are distinguished by having an extended bullet-like form. They typically have a smaller field of view than indoor cameras. However, they also offer the benefit of compatibility with ceiling or wall installation. You can decide to place it outside or inside your house by your requirements.

4. Wireless outdoor cameras

The process of these cameras is the same as indoor wireless ones. The video information is transmitted to a cloud responsible for backup the data. Their uniqueness is that they’re designed to withstand the elements of weather conditions and are, therefore, resistant to heat and water from the sun. Additionally, their visual field is more significant than bullets, and in some instances, they have sirens that can repel intruders.

Artificial light chambers

As a modern alternative artificial lighting cameras stand out because of their effectiveness in alerting criminals. They use potent bulbs that turn on to enhance the quality of recordings and signal that the camera is operating. This is a variant of the outdoor camera, incredibly durable and flexible.

Main functions and functions and

Most security cameras have the same fundamental functions. However, some offer additional features beyond the fundamentals. It all depends on the camera model you’re searching for, whether it’s designed indoors or outdoors, and your budget. However, generally speaking, they have the following aspects to take into consideration when purchasing:


The most significant benefit of camera surveillance video cameras is you can manage what’s happening at home, no matter where around the globe, via your smartphone. The cameras will notify you in real time when they spot motion, sound, an unrecognizable face, or a face that is not recognized within your home. Some models advise many people simultaneously if someone else is living in the house using the app on her smartphone. These notifications are delivered via text messages or email, even if you do not possess access to your phone.

Backup battery

Some criminals are savvy and know everything. They shut off the power before entering homes to shut down the security systems with no electricity so they don’t capture what happens inside the house. Because of this, cameras can also work for a short time with backup batteries; some modern cameras can operate all day long using just the battery.

Cloud storage

Many manufacturers provide cloud storage for their cameras that monitor surveillance. In this type of storage, the recorded footage will be transferred through a distant server and stored for a set period, generally between 24 hours and one week. Following this period, the video will be removed to make way for the creation of new videos. Some cloud plans are free; however, sometimes they require a monthly fee regardless of which option you pick; this function is worth a shot, particularly when you’re out of the country for a prolonged duration, for example, going on holiday.

Facial recognition

The most recent generation of cameras incorporates, among their capabilities, facial recognition. However, it’s better to refer to it as ” facial identification” since it works by identifying the faces of people when they are in front of an object instead of separating one’s face from that of another.

Local storage

Specific cameras and cloud storage have a slot for memory cards, making it possible to save videos in the same camera. It’s a great feature that lets you lower the monthly cost of cloud storage. The only downside we have with this option could be that should your camera be taken away, the data you stored on it will also be destroyed.

Mobile app

As we’ve already discussed, most home security cameras are accessible via a tablet or smartphone app. The applications are generally intuitive and user-friendly and are an excellent means of observing what’s happening in real-time on the go; you can also modify certain features of the camera, like notifications, adjusting the sensitivity of motion, and the detection of sound, among others.

Movement detector

Beginning from the point where you’ll be monitoring your home even when it’s empty, The motion detector is one of the essential features a video surveillance camera must have. It has sensors that detect any movement within its vision to accomplish that. If it can detect motion, it starts recording. These sensors are sensitive to any action from light changes to the wind blowing. It is essential to ensure that your camera provides the option of reducing the range of detection and altering the level of sensitivity that the sensors have.

Night vision

Most burglaries in homes are committed at dusk, which is why it is essential to have a camera with night vision capabilities. Specific security cameras work with infrared lighting, while other models have night vision based on thermal vision or image intensification. The ideal scenario is that the camera will automatically change to night vision whenever it detects low-light conditions; however, in some cases, it will let you alter, at your discretion, the time and frequency at which this feature should be turned on.

Vision angle

The camera’s field of vision determines the distance it can observe. If, for instance, you need to manage the size of a room, it is necessary to have an angle of view that is wide. Most cameras have 130 degrees of range, which can cause images to become blurred on both sides, creating an effect known as a fisheye.


It is crucial because if the image is blurred or discolored, it is tough to figure out what’s happening. The greater the resolution, the more clear and precise. Make sure you choose a model which records at Full HD or 1920X1080 pixels.

Indoor or outdoor camera?

Suppose you are considering an outdoor or indoor security camera for surveillance. In that case, the most crucial factor is the purpose you intend to offer it and the areas of your house you would like to keep under surveillance.

For instance, the thing that interests you is watching your garage, backyard, or even the front door; the ideal choice is to use an outdoor security camera. They will require more effort since you’ll need the camera’s top to make holes in the wall. The advantage? You can put them in a high place so they won’t be stolen and are protected from the weather.

Indoor cameras typically work using Wior Wi-Fi, and, as the name suggests, they are made to be placed inside your home. They’re commonly employed to monitor pets or to verify that your children have returned to school, even if you’re at the office. The best part of this type of camera is that they don’t require installation, and you can move them between the various rooms in your house whenever you wish or think about.

Select the ideal place to put your security camera

When deciding on the best site, be aware of your house’s weaknesses. For instance, doors or windows that can’t be easily seen from the street are often the preferred options for burglars. After this has been done, make sure you remove it as far out of the reach of anyone else as to protect your property from damage caused by burglars.

However, you must never forget to include other inputs. In most cases, burglars attempt to enter the door in front first. Therefore, we suggest setting up security cameras on the front door and easy-to-access windows. By doing this, your security at home will be increased significantly.

Does it make sense to connect my camera for video surveillance to the power source?

Certain types used in video security cameras have to be powered by power continuously. But, there are numerous battery-powered models with high autonomy. You can usually expect to purchase indoor or outdoor cameras that feature this feature, and many others operate with hybrid power.

The mistakes you must avoid when selecting a security camera.

Many people, when installing cameras for security purposes, especially the first time, fall into the trap of needing to select a suitable distance from the ground. Therefore, avoid mounting the camera too far away or, in the opposite direction, too close to the ground as it can lose detail in the image at long distances, and being near to the environment will be susceptible to any attack.

Another mistake is thinking that the camera will record every event in front of your house in incredible resolution. It is crucial to be aware of the limitations of your security camera and install more than one. This will enable you to see from every angle, which ultimately will assist you in identifying any suspicious activity and the necessary details to identify it. The intruder should be recognized as quickly as you can.

Questions you might have regarding Best Security Camera for Home Assistant

How can you tell the differences between security cameras and surveillance cameras?

The significant distinction between one kind of camera and the other is that security cameras feature continuous recording technology generally employed in closed circuits. Security cameras are typically operated by motion, making them one of the most effective—alternatives to installing at your home.

Are video surveillance cameras able to function without internet access?

While some models restrict their operation to Wi-Fi connectivity, some cameras are equipped with alternative radio protocols that allow them to transmit information without an Internet connection. However, you can discover models with internal storage or SD memory that can save videos and photos.

How can you tell whether your camera for security is in use?

Every camera model has a method of indicating whether the camera is operating or off. You’ll likely see an insignificant light activated whenever the camera’s working. Certain types, like those that use artificial lighting, inform you that they’re recording thanks to the powerful bulbs.

What is the best way to monitor a large area?

Dome cameras offer the ability to cover a wide area. If you’re looking to observe ample space, choose a camera system with wires with more than three cameras if required. By doing this, you will be able to monitor not just large areas but also multiple spaces at the same time.

What do I do to monitor an area without internet or electricity?

In these instances, there are wireless cameras that run on batteries. Though you’ll have to determine the battery’s charge, it’s the best option for this kind of circumstance. Furthermore, specific models are compatible with the internet on mobile so that you can back up the data in the same manner.

How long will batteries remain in cameras for security?

The batteries in modern cameras are typically very long-lasting. In the ideal situation, you’ll have a working battery that lasts at least two years. However, it is essential to be aware that the batteries can be less durable with older models. In the same way, you don’t need to fret about it.

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