Costco mini fridge Buying Guide

We all have fridges in our homes, which are full of food. If you are a snack lover and have many snacks, you also need more space in your Fridge. Keeping snacks in your Fridge can cause you less space for vegetables and fruits. The fridges in the kitchen are specially for keeping the vegetables, fruits, and meat fresh. We cannot keep our snacks there. In this article, we will explain the features of the Costco Mini Fridge and will also tell you the benefit of this Fridge. The main advantage of this Fridge is that you can keep it in your room and also keep your snacks in this Fridge.

How is this Costco Mini Fridge beneficial for Snack lovers?

If you are a snack lover, then you are also addicted to eating snacks late at night, and if you have kept your snacks in the kitchen fridge, then you will become very irritated when you want snacks, and you have to go to the kitchen. If you have this Costco Mini Fridge, you can eat the snacks. Below we have mentioned the features of this Fridge. We are explaining to you the feature of this feature by testing it first.


The Costco Mini Fridge is a free-standing fridge. It is very small in size, and you can keep it anywhere like you can keep it in gaming rooms, you can keep it in rooms, etc. Now you all are thinking that if the fridge size is small, how can it help you? The fridge size is perfect for keeping snacks, and you can keep many snacks in this Fridge.

As we have mentioned, the Fridge is free-standing, so you can change its place whenever you want. There are small types below the Fridge which help you change its places.


There are a lot of sizes of Costco Mini Fridge, but you are reading this article for small size Costo Mini Fridge. The size of the Fridge is smaller than 15 inches. It means the Fridge will only cover a tiny space, and you can keep it anywhere. If you want to buy a large fridge, the large Fridge should be larger than 41 inches.

Is the feature of the Mini Fridge the same as the Large Fridge?

Yes, the Costco Mini Fridge features are the same as the Costco large fridge. There is no difference between both fridges except for size. If we talk about the features of the large Fridge, it has two portions. One is for keeping fruits and vegetables, a refrigerator, and the other is a freezer specially made for making food like ice. If we talk about the features of the Costco Mini Fridge, then it also has the same features.


If we talk about the price of the large-size Fridge is up to $700, but th price of this mini Fridge is just $129, which is very low compared to the prices of the other mini-fridges. As you can see in the pictures, there is a lot of space in the Fridge, and you can easily keep your food in it. If you buy this Fridge from the button we have mentioned below, you will get it for $129; otherwise, you will get it for $200. It will be better for you to buy this Fridge from the given button.


A guarantee is the main thing we consider and want when buying an item. We are always afraid of what happens if the Product does not work well. So we will tell you that the company provides a guarantee of 3 months which is a very big deal. If the Fridge gets damaged or does not work well, you can replace it in 3 months and take your money back.


According to the company and personal experience, you will get the Fridge in 10 to 12 days after ordering. If you have ordered the Fridge and you have not gotten it in 10 to 12 days, then you have to send a mail to the company., They will tell you the exact date of shipping. Also, to return or replace the Costco Mini Fridge, you must mail the company. They will respond to you within 24 hours.

How to Buy it?

We have mentioned a button below. You have to click the button, and then you have to make your order confirm. When you click the button, you will be redirected to the page of amazon. Amazon is the best platform for buying online things safely.

Personal Experience

According to our personal experience, we find this Fridge astonishing. We have tested all the features of this Fridge, and we came to know that all the features are perfect. There is no defect in this Fridge. We will always suggest you buy things which are good in performance.

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