How do you download iOS 16? Get the beta version now.

Each year in June, Apple announces and demonstrates the latest release of iOS to your iPhone; however, the actual update starts in the autumn (usually in September). This first release will be followed up by a series of “point updates” (e.g., iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2, etc.) that include new capabilities that weren’t present at the time of launch and also fix bugs.

But what if, for instance, you are willing to test these new functions immediately? It’s time to download the beta!

This post will guide how to follow the process needed to download the most recent iOS beta. We show you how to sign up for Apple’s beta program, as well as how to install and use an iOS beta version on your iPhone. 

If you’d like to install the official edition of iOS 16 on your iPhone (not the beta version), we will explain the steps to installing iOS 16 on your iPhone in another article.

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Update 10/24/22: The last iOS 16.1 is available now. However, this is not the end of the beta test. The beta testing of iOS 16.2 will start soon.

What’s the most current beta version?

The complete version of iOS 16.1 is out now, and the launch of iOS 16.2 is anticipated within just a few days.

How do I install the most recent iOS 16 Public beta?

As the name implies, the beta for developers is exclusive to developers. However, Apple offers an open beta test program to people who wish to test the new features. The public betas are always in comparison to the developer betas.

You can download your iOS public beta with the steps below.

  1. Click Register to go to the Apple Beta page and sign up using the details of your Apple ID.
  2. Log into this Beta Software Program.
  3. Enter on your iOS device. (If you were enrolled in a previous version’s beta in the past, you might have to delete the Profile that was associated with it and then sign up again for the latest version.)
  4. Go to on your iOS device.
  5. The configuration profile can be downloaded and installed.
  6. You may need to go into Settings to activate the Profile. Navigate to General Settings > VPN and Device Management, then tap to enable VPN and Device Management. You will find the iOS 16 Beta profile.
  7. This will make the beta version available through the Settings app, which is located under the General > Software Update.

How do I download the iOS 16 Developer beta? iOS 16 Developer beta

Each stage of the iOS 16 development cycle is released initially to the developers, then to beta testers in public. If you’re a programmer and want to check your app against the most recent version of the OS feasible, it’s the one that will run.

Make sure that your phone is compatible. (It’s the iPhone 8 and later, in essence.)

You’ll have to register to become an Apple developer. Participation in the Apple Developer Program costs $99 per year.

Okay? Okay! Here’s how you can get iOS 16 developer beta. iOS 16 developer beta, in just eight steps:

  1. On Safari in Safari on your iPhone, Go to and log into the site using an Apple ID.
  2. Visit the Downloads section (you’ll locate it on the left menu). Scroll towards iOS 16 beta and tap Install Profile, Then accept.
  3. Launch your Settings application. It should show Profile Downloaded at the top of the main page. Tap it. If you won’t be able to see it, head over there: the General Settings > VPN and Device Management and tap your iOS 16 Beta profile.
  4. Press Install in the upper-right corner to install the iOS 16 beta profile. iOS 16 beta profile.
  5. Review the developer’s consent form, and (assuming you’re comfortable with the conditions), sign the form and give your permission.
  6. Start your phone.
  7. Go there: Settings and then General > Software Update. You should be able to see the iOS 16 beta. iOS 16 beta is available. Select Download and install.
  8. It would help if you waited to allow your iPhone to complete downloading the update. Then, tap Install when you are asked to do so.

If everything is working exactly as expected, your iPhone is now operating an iOS 16.1 beta.

Can I access the developer beta even though I’m not an official developer?

However, if you’re not an Apple developer and want to install the developer beta, you can do so. Be aware that this violates Apple’s terms of service, and it is a must to exclude any warranty assistance in case of a problem.

You’ll have to locate and download iOS 16 beta profile. iOS beta profiles from another site that Apple does not own. Google is the best resource in this case.

After downloading the Profile, Install the beta following the same procedure described above. It is possible to skip step 3.

What is a beta?

Betas are the pre-release versions of iOS. Each iOS update passes through the beta test phase before its official launch, starting with slight modifications like 15.5.1 to significant game-changing changes such as iOS 16.

There are betas for developers (for registered developers of software only) as well as public betas (for anyone interested). Both go through several versions, a couple dozen or so before the big launch.

Precautions and risks

It is important to note that betas are tests of the upcoming software. They still need to be finished, and while they will include the majority of the features that will be included in the final version, there are some aesthetic differences and, eventually, inevitable glitches and issues that must be addressed. These glitches and problems are why Apple initially chose to test beta versions of iOS.

Also, don’t believe that you can have an ideal user experience. Expect the apps you already have (including those you depend on) to function differently from the latest version. Sometimes, your device has been damaged by the beta and can’t be utilized until the new beta arrives and hopefully resolves the issue. It’s common for beta software to have problems with excessive battery consumption, as well.

The closer we are to the official launch of iOS 16, the more refined and feature-rich it is likely that the available betas to be. But the flip side, of course, is that there is less time to be waiting for the launch of the final version, meaning you’ll gain less from installing the beta version.

If you choose to proceed, we’d like to stress how crucial it is to back up your iPhone before installing an iOS beta. Better than that, you use a second device, not your primary iPhone. It’s unlikely that you’ll lose all your data if something goes wrong during the beta being installed, and you’ll also be in a position to return to the previous version when you discover that you don’t enjoy the new app in the end, or it’s not working as well as you would like.

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