How To Find The Lost Apple Pencil? 2023 Guide

Learn how to find lost Apple Pencil. The best app for finding lost Apple Bluetooth devices.

How to find a lost Apple Pencil

Quick answer: the only way to find a lost Apple Pencil is to use the Bluetooth Finder app, but it will only work if the pencil is not far away and is not in sleep mode. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for your pencil the old-fashioned way – walk everywhere you’ve been and look in every corner.

Next, I’ll tell you how to use the app to find your lost Apple Pencil, as well as how to prevent future losses.

How to use the Bluetooth Finder app

Step 1 – Download Bluetooth Finder from the App Store

You can do this after you’ve lost your pencil; it will still work. Just download it to the iPad that your pencil was paired with. 

The Bluetooth Finder costs $5, but I think that’s a small amount, especially since you can use it to search for your other Bluetooth devices, like AirPods or Apple Watch.

Step 2 – Run the scanner

After installation, you’ll need to log in and search for available devices. The Bluetooth Finder will detect if your Apple Pencil is not dormant and within your Bluetooth connection range (about 30 feet).

Once you select your Pencil from the list, the app will show you the approximate location and distance to your lost device. You need to move toward it and keep an eye on the range bar. The more it is filled, the closer you are to your target.

Important: Don’t reboot your iPad or turn off Bluetooth. If you have already done it, the Bluetooth Finder app may not be able to find your Apple Pencil.

Step 3 – Make an extra effort

If the Bluetooth Finder didn’t find your pencil the first time, I suggest you walk through the places you’ve been to recently and keep an eye on the app while doing so. Your pencil may be detected.

Your pencil may have gone into sleep mode, making it undetectable. But if you nudge it in some way, you may be able to wake it up. Try moving things around where your pencil might presumably be — for example, cushions on the couch, bags, clothes, closet drawers, etc. 

Step 4 – don’t give up

There are stories of people who found their pencils days later. The Bluetooth Finder, which previously couldn’t detect anything, suddenly found a lost pencil. So monitor the app periodically.

FAQ about Bluetooth Finder

Why did my pencil disappear from the list?

The Bluetooth connection will be lost if you move too far from the device. In this case, you need to go back to the starting point. Also, the pencil may have gone into sleep mode (it turns on when you don’t use it for an extended period). Then try to move things around to wake up the sleeper.

Can I find an Apple Pencil lost more than one day ago?

Yes, it is possible, but those who started searching immediately after missing will have a better chance of a positive result because later the pencil may go into sleep mode or run out of power.

Why can’t the app find my Apple Pencil?

  1. There could be several reasons:
  2. it is too far away (for example, you lost it in the park or on public transportation);
  3. It’s dead or in hibernation mode;
  4. you rebooted your iPad, which caused it to lose pairing with the Pencil. The same can happen if you turn Bluetooth off and on.

How not to lose your Apple Pencil

It is very pathetic to lose something that costs $100. So it’s worth thinking about how to protect yourself from such situations.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent your Apple Pencil from getting lost (or lost less often):

  • Use a GPS tracker. There are small keychains with a built-in GPS tracker, like AirTags. All that’s left to do is figure out how to attach them to your pencil. Then you can track it wherever it is, and you won’t need a Bluetooth connection.
  • Buy a pencil stand/holder or a special case. The stand can be used in the workplace, and the case can be carried with you. If you always put your pencil where it belongs, it’s less likely to get lost.
  • Personalize your Apple Pencil. One of the best options is to order a unique engraving. This way, you will avoid getting your own thing mixed up with someone else’s. Plus, your pencil will be less attractive to thieves.

Did you know? 

The Apple Pencil 2 has a flat side that attaches to the side of the tablet using a magnet. I like this feature because it makes you less likely to lose your pencil. Also, it will always be charged (because it charges wirelessly from your iPad). A second pencil is available in the new iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini models.

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