How to keep Gaming laptops cool?

In today’s generation, we all are addicted to playing games and watching movies on gaming laptops. It is very difficult to keep the laptops cool, and also it is very frustrating when the laptop gets heated up. When the laptop overheats, then it can cause several problems;

  1. The game hangs continuously.
  2. The Keyboard of the gaming laptop becomes hot, and you can feel it.
  3. The gaming laptop shuts down after some time.
  4. The processor becomes slow.
  5. The sound of the fan of the gaming laptop becomes louder.

The following problems prove why new gaming laptops like Asus are coming with methods of keeping the devices cold.

It is very frustrating when the laptop hangs while we are playing the game, and when we hear the sound of the fan with hot air, it becomes irritating and destroys our mindset of playing the games. When we hear the sound, we think that the laptop’s memory is finished or the game is too heavy, but it is wrong. It happens when we are using the laptop for continuous hours. So you do not have to take the tension of the memory. Below we have mentioned the best methods of keeping your gaming laptops cold.

1- Close Unuseful Files

If you have unuseful open files on your laptop, it can cause overheating g. In short, running more than 10 files simultaneously on your laptop can cause lag in the laptop’s CPU. You must close the useless files to make your laptop fast and cool. Sometimes we use some files, and after using them, we forget to close them. When we do this, after some time, the files cause hanging, and the game hangs. 

There is a window task management application on every laptop, and it does not depend on what kind of company laptop you use. Every laptop has this feature. To open this feature, you have to click “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” or Win+X, and then the application will open, and you will see the files running unnecessarily on your laptop. You have to click on the files you want to delete, and the files will automatically close on your laptop. It will not cause the files to be deleted from the laptop; they will work just close. You can open the files again at any moment.

If you close all the unnecessary files, you can see that the gaming performance of your laptop increase and you can play the game nicely. Removing files from this application also removes the Malware. Malware stresses the speed of the laptop, and Malware causes the laptop to make the speed of the games slow.

2- Change the Thermal Paste

The thermal paste helps in transferring the heat between the CPU, GPU and the heat sink. It plays a very important role in the performance of the laptop. Suppose the thermal paste is of good quality and fresh; then, the heat transfers nicely. You should change the thermal paste if your laptop gets stuck while playing a game or doing work. You should change the thermal paste after every 2.5 years. Because after 2.5 years, the paste is no longer supportive. If you want your laptop to work faster than a normal gaming laptop, you can add liquid metal instead of thermal paste. 

Physics students must know that metal is a good conductor and the heat transfer with the help of metal is faster than the thermal paste. If you add the liquid metal for the heat transfer between the CPU, GPU and heat sink, you do not have to change the liquid metal for 5 years. It is totally up to you what you want to add.

Applying Fresh Thermal paste helps your laptop heat transfer and prevents damage to the processor and hardware.

3- Try to clean the laptop after every 3 months

Cleaning your laptop does not mean that you have to refresh the laptop or you have to restart the laptop. Restarting a laptop is very beneficial because it is stress-free and refreshes all the files. If you refresh the laptop, then the performance of the laptop also increases, and the gaming and overall speed increase by restarting or refreshing a laptop. 

But you have to clean the laptop after every 3 months. To clean the laptop, you have to open the laptop from the lower side. You need a screw-opening gadget and have to open the screw of the laptops. If you cannot do this or cannot, you can contact any computer technician who will clean your laptop completely.

Now you all think opening gaming laptops can lower the price or damage the laptop. When we use a laptop then, dust particles settle on some parts of the laptop, which causes the laptop’s speed to decrease. The dust particles cause the parts of the laptop damage. Some disadvantages of the dust particles on the parts of the laptop are given below;

  1. The processor of the laptop becomes slow.
  2. Part of the hardware gets damaged.
  3. The speaker sounds slow.
  4. The Keyboard became slow.
  5. The laptop gets heated up.

So it proves that cleaning the laptop parts benefits the laptop and increases gaming speed and every other laptop.

4- Underclocking and Undervolting

It is a process of cold down your computer. Sometimes we try to increase the laptop’s speed by overvolting it, which is not good. Overvolting a laptop can cause the battery timing of the laptop to be decreased. Undervolting helps cool down the laptop by decreasing the number of voltages when the laptop is overheated. At the same time, underclocking is a term which helps take the stress off the processor and other parts of the hardware.

If you want to set the clocking speed of the laptop, there is a lot of software, but some are paid software, and some are free. We have mentioned the free software which is best for making the speed of the laptop fats.

  1. Intel XTU (Intel Extreme Tuning Utility)
  2. Throttle stop
  3. MSI Afterburner

This software is very easy to use and also works very well. You can watch videos using this software, and we suggest you use it by watching the online videos of using them. Without watching the videos, do not use them because it can cause several other issues on the software, and it will be very difficult for you to sort out those issues.

We suggest you follow the steps that we have mentioned above. Because using software to make the laptop’s speed fast is not a permanent solution, and the gaming laptops will again start hanging when the software expires. Try to use the other steps that are mentioned above.

5- Try to use the Laptops on a Plain and Hard Surface

If you want the laptop’s speed to be fast, we suggest you use it on a hard and plain surface. When you use a laptop on a plain and hard surface, then it helps throw out the hot air from the laptop.

The advantages of using a laptop on a hard and plane surface are mentioned below;

  1. The hot air discharges nicely.
  2. The laptop is always cool.
  3. Air circulation takes place in the interior parts of the laptop.
  4. The laptop will never hang when you are using it on hard and plain surfaces.

I have mentioned the advantages of using the laptop on pain and hard surfaces, and now I will mention the disadvantages of using a laptop on soft and curved surfaces.

  1. Air circulation to the inner parts of the laptop does not take place.
  2. The laptop becomes overheated.
  3. The laptop starts hanging.
  4. The laptop shutdowns.
  5. The battery of the laptop decreases faster
  6. The hot air does not discharge from the laptop.
  7. The laptop will never get cold down.
  8. The sound of the fan of laptop increases.
  9. It damages the inner part of the laptop.

6- Make the Graphic Settings of the Laptop Simple

When we use the laptop for gaming, we want the laptop to be cool, and we apply several themes and wallpapers to the laptop, which are very heavy in memory. If you have a high-memory laptop, then it does not mean you can do anything you want. You have to use the laptop patiently and have to make the laptop simple. If you use heavy graphics on your laptop, it can make it heavy, and the laptop will start hanging, and you cannot play the games nicely.

After making the graphics of the laptop simple, you will see that the speed is increased, and then you can play the game as you want. If you are a game addict, then you know that you can only enjoy when the game’s speed is fast, and the battery does not low fastly. 

7- Replace the old Fans

If you see that your gaming laptop’s performance is decreasing daily and the laptop is becoming hot when you are using it for some hours. Then the main reason is that the fans of the laptop are not as good as the laptop wants. If the laptop’s fan is not good, then the hotness of the laptop that is present inside the laptop that is generated from the hardware parts will not extract outside.

If you do not know how to replace the old fan with the new one, you can also buy a simple exhaust fan for the laptop, and then you can connect them to the laptop by the charging option.

8- Lower the Room Temperature

If your room temperature is high, then it is obvious that the laptop’s temperature will also increase. The simple solution to this problem is that you have to lower the temperature of your room. You can use AC to keep the room’s temperature low; you can open the door or windows of the room.

It will help you lower your gaming laptop’s temperature, and you can play the game nicely.

9- Increase the speed of the fan of the laptop

If you have tried all the ways and still your gaming laptops are heated up, then the easy way of cooling your laptop is that increase the speed of the laptop, and this method will work so well. Because the fan helps extract the hot air from the laptop, it also helps make the parts of the laptop cool. But it does not mean that if the laptop is heated up, you have to increase the fan’s speed. You also have to follow the steps that are mentioned above.

The steps that are mentioned above help in making the gaming laptops fast and also clear the memory.


It is not normal if your laptop is getting heated up and hanging continuously., If you do not take any steps to resolve these minor issues, it can damage your laptop, or the battery timing of the laptop can be damaged. We have mentioned the best steps to resolve this issue.

If the laptop is heated up, it can damage the parts like hardware.

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