How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop?

If you are using a dell laptop, you can relate to the problem of the locked keyboard. It is very frustrating when your keyboard gets locked. Typically, a keyboard gets locked. Sometimes you are doing your work like writing, watching, and making something, and the keyboard gets locked automatically. It happens when you accidentally touch the buttons that make the laptop’s keyboard hang. Now the question is, “How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop.” Read the article carefully to know about this. We have mentioned the steps to unlock it. After reading the article, you will be able to make the keyboard of laptop work again.

What are the ways of unlocking keyboard on dell laptop?

There are four ways of unlocking the laptop in the dell, and we have mentioned and explained all these four steps.

1- The first is very simple. You have to restart your laptop; your keyboard will be unlocked, and work after the laptop is restarted. For restarting a laptop, go to the power off option. When you click the option of power off, you will also see the options of restart and robot. You have to click restart. Restarting will be easy for you to unlock the laptop.

2- The second option is also straightforward. You have to unlock the fn key. You can easily see the Fn key on the keyboard. Just click the Fn button, and your keyboard will start working. If your laptop’s buttons need clarification, you should restart the laptop. If you do this, then the laptop also refreshes. After restarting, the keyboard is still locked; you should contact the dell company’s support and ask them “How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop.” They will guide you.

3- You can do a system scan. The option of system scan is present in the settings. Just go to the settings and search for a system scan. After scanning the system, your keyboard will be free. If your keyboard is not unlocked after the customer scan, you should contact customer support because it could be severe and irritating. The support will reply to you in 24 hours.

4- The last option is also very simple. You have to contact the support of the dell company and tell them about the issue. They will guide you; if you still do not understand, they will do it alone. To contact support, text the number on the laptop’s box, or you can also visit their website. To contact support, text the number on the laptop’s box, or you can also visit their website.

What is the role of the laptop in our life?

Laptops have become a very important part of today’s generation. We must do something with a laptop because some people earn through it and some eat studying through it. Also, some people are using laptops to entertain themselves. 

Having a laptop for working or something else is good but having a problem with the same laptop is frustrating because it can ruin all of our work. We have mentioned some more tips about “how to unlock keyboard on dell laptop.” These tips will also increase the speed of the laptop by clearing memory.

I also use a dell laptop and also suggest using this laptop because the processor, software, and memory of the dell laptop are good than all others. The price of a dell laptop is also significantly less than others. There is only one issue in dell’s laptop: keyboard locking, which also happens because of us.

The first it happened to me was yesterday. When it happened, I got scared because I was doing my work and going to submit it, and it happened. Then I googled it and came to know that it is normal. But I was fortunate that I unlocked the keyboard in some minutes, and now I will tell you how I used it.

How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop?

In the world of a continuously growing population, dell has made its name in a very positive way, and all the technologies are growing with the help of dell. Many companies are providing good laptops, but we need to know how much time the laptop works. Dell is the number 4 most famous laptop manufacturing company in the world. It is not easy to make your name in the world. Dell has done this by giving good services to its customers. All dell laptops contain good memory, and the memory of one laptop is enough to handle two large businesses. I am giving you a guarantee that if you are using a dell laptop, then your laptop will never hang. The laptop’s display, keyboard, processor, and battery timing are perfect.

As I have named the methods above in the article, I will explain them in detail. The first way is really simple, and if you restart your laptop, all the cache in your laptop gets clear. The cache contains all the deleted files like images, notes, and videos. Restarting your laptop helps in making the laptop work fast. The second way is also straightforward. You have to click an Fn button, and the third and fourth steps are the same. You will see the options in settings.

What to do if the keyboard is still locked?

If you are still facing the same issue and cannot solve the problem, then we suggest you take your laptop to a repair shop. There are many repair shops in every part of the world. You have to go to a laptop repair shop and ask them to unlock the dell laptop’s keyboard and ask them “How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop” because if it ever happens again, you can do it yourself. If you think your data is private and the shopman cab stole your data, then you should go to another shop. But we suggest you do it yourself by following the abovementioned steps. These steps are very easy to apply.

Try to visit those shops that are trusted and do quality work. Do not go to shops that are opened new or do not provide good services. When the shopman is working on your laptop, keep an eye on him. If he tries to open some personal folders, ask and tell him to stay away from these folders. Please do not allow the shopman to connect any wire or Bluetooth to your laptop because they can also steal your data. If you want to know how to save your data on a laptop, read another article. We suggest you ask the support for help. They will unlock the laptop by themselves because they have excess to use your laptop. You do not have to worried about that they will steal your data. They cannot do this because it is their work, and they are trusted.

After unlocking the keyboard, ask the shopman or customer support about the buttons that cause the keyboard to lock and try to stay away from clicking these buttons at once. 


As when we click control+C then, we copy the text, and when we click control+V, we paste the text. So there must be some buttons for locking and unlocking the keyboard. For unlocking the keyword, the button at the top of the keyboard is named Fn. Clicking this button can unlock the keyboard. Not only dell laptops, but the keyboard of all the laptops can be unlocked by clicking this button, and all the other three ways are also applicable to other companies’ laptops.

Hope you all get the information you need. We have explained the question “How to unlock keyboard on dell laptop” very well. Read other articles to buy the best dell laptops or other company laptops. We have mentioned the best laptops at less price.

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