Keyword Research checklist and how to find a good niche 2023 guide

Everyone in today’s generation knows the value of SEO and knows that in the future, all the world will earn through SEO, and it will become challenging to rank the website on page 1 of Google. If you want to rank your website on page 1 of google and make good money, then the right keyword will help you. If you make a website on a high competition keyword, it will be tough for you to rank on google because already many people have made a website on that topic, and the competition is so high. Google will not focus on you; if you want to rank on google, try to find low KD keywords. This article is about a keyword research checklist.

What is a keyword research checklist?

Suppose you are new to the digital world and have yet to make a website. So it is perfect for you that you have heard about the niche. SEO niche research or keyword research checklist is vital to the website’s ranking. When someone tries to find a keyword for which they want to rank, they try to find a high-volume and low-competition keyword. It is straightforward to find such a niche if you know how to see it. Otherwise, it will be tough for you.

If your niche has a high volume, then it means that more traffic will come to your site, and your site will rank soon. High-volume keywords are the keyword that people search for the most. We get a ranking if we upload good-quality content on high-volume keywords. A keyword with high volume means that its competition is also high.

A niche whose volume is high and keyword difficulty is low is a perfect niche. It will be tough for you if the volume and keyword difficulty are high. High KD keywords can not rank on google just because many people have already made websites on this keyword.

Long tail keywords

When you are going for niche research or keyword research checklist, the first thing you know about is what a niche looks like. Generally, most of the niche keywords are long-tail keywords, but it is optional that a niche must be extended. For example, if you find a small keyword that is high in volume, low in DA, and low in keyword difficulty, it will also be best for you. On the other hand, when we make a website to manage our small business, the keyword should be long tail. Along tail keyword helps people understand the topic of the website rightly.

How to identify the right niche?

As we have said above, a niche is significant for website ranking, and now we will teach you how to find one.

1. Decide the category of your website

2. Read about customers’ need

3. Find the competition

4. Explore Wikipedia and google

First, decide the category o your website, like health, education, jobs, etc. After determining the category of your website, go to chrome and add some extensions like Moz bar, etc. Also, buy ahrefs. Ahrefs is a tool that helps us find the KD of a keyword, and Moz is a tool that helps us find the DA of the keyword or a URL. Keyword everywhere is a tool that helps us find the keywords’ volume. These tools play an essential role in finding the perfect niche. After doing all these things, search the category on google.

Many websites come on the first page, copy the URL of the website one by one and check the DA on Moz. If the DA is less than 30, it is good, but if the DA is more than 30, it is not good. Select four websites of DA less than 30.

Then go to ahrefs, paste the four URLs one by one, and select all the keywords whose KD is less than 25. You will get many keywords. Choose one for your website topic and use the remaining keywords in your articles. It is the simplest way of finding a niche for your website. If you follow all these steps, you will get a perfect niche.

How to buy tools and add extensions?

To add an extension, go to chrome and search for the extension and then click on add extension. There are no extensions of ahrefs, and to buy Moz and ahrefs, go to the official website of Moz and ahrefs and buy the tool for a month. There are many free trials of Moz and ahrefs, but free trials could be more supportive. The free practices of keywords everywhere are very supportive.

How to buy a niche?

If you think it will be tough to find a perfect niche for your website, buy a place from Fiverr and upwork. These two companies are very trusted, and you can also buy a niche at a low price. To read the keyword research checklist click the link.

Can we make a website with a free domain and hosting?

Making websites on google is a good profession nowadays, and mostly all the young people in the world are doing this. Many companies give hosting and domains. Some give us the domain and hosting for free, and some give us the domain and hosting by giving them cash. This article will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of using free hosting and domain for your website.

When should you make a website on free domain and hosting?

If you are making a testing website like you did not expect much from the website, then you should use the free domain and host. But if you want to make a website to earn from it. Then we suggest you avoid free domain and hosting because there are many errors in the free domain and hosting. Moreover, there needs to be proper facilities for free domains and hosting, and there needs to be live support for free domains and hosting.

When we make a website on free domain and hosting, it will become difficult for us to get a sense of approval on that website because the Adsense of google sometimes depends on the website’s speed.

Which hosting plan is better cheap, or expensive?

Price needs to decide which hosting plan is better. The hosting, which gives us all the facilities like live support, Cpanel, and the option of making an unlimited website, is better. If you think that free hosting is also giving all of these facilities and that buying free hosting will be a good option for you, then you are mistaken because free domain and hosting are not acceptable by google sometimes. After all, the SSL of these types of websites is not legal, and google is afraid that the website is made by a robot and can harm the data of other websites.

What is the main disadvantage of free domain and hosting?

If you make a website on free domain and hosting, then be ready for upcoming issues like your site is not secure, you cannot reach the site, or something else like this. Sometimes different errors occur on websites that can only solve by hosting, and free hosting cannot help you solve this. If you get Adsense approval on your free domain and hosting, the company will snatch your website from you and make it their own. There are many scams in online work. We suggest you buy a domain and hosting from a trusted company.

What are the advantages of using free domain and hosting?

Suppose you are practicing to make a website and need to know how to make a website, how to do SEO on the site, and how to post articles. But, first, you should practice on free domain and hosting, buy a paid domain and hosting, and make a website for earning.

The best free domain and hosting companies are given below. It would help if you bought your free domain and hosting from these companies, as they are far good than the others.

1. Infinity free

2. 000webhost

3. award space

4. Wix

5. google cloud hosting

6. byethost

7. free hosting

8. freewebhostingarea

9. Hyperphp

10. Freehostia

These companies will be best for you if you want a website with a free domain and hosting.

It is not good to make a website on free domain and hosting because when we work on a website and also get earnings from the website and an error occurs, the website receives damaged just because of this that the hosting and domain are not supporting.

Infinity free

The domain and hosting company provides an auto-installer with more than 400 different apps, including WordPress, Free subdomains, 5 GB disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, 400 MySQL databases, and Knowledge base support. Infinity free is the only best company that provides good hosting, domain, and SSL for free. If you need more money to afford paid hosting and domains, you should try this company.

Other companies

All the other companies also provide us with the same things, but as we have said, these companies are supported just for 1 to 2 months, and after two months, they will not help you with any error. Some companies also demand money after some months. You can not transfer your domain to any other company from these companies because these companies are not registered.

Best-paid domain and hosting companies

Many companies provide the best domain and hosting and help with any error. The main advantage of using paid domain and hosting is that the company helps you with any mistake, and if you cannot solve the error by yourself, then they solve the error by themselves. The name of the best domain and hosting companies are

1. Namecheap

2. Godaddy

3. Hostinger

4. Middle host

5. A2 Hosting

These companies are the top 5 domain and hosting companies with good quality products. Our team will suggest you buy hosting from these companies and grow your business.

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