Meepo Mini 2S Review

One of the most compact electric skateboards that Meepo manufactures is the Meepo Mini 2S. Electric shortboard is a term used in the skate game, even though a conventional, non-electric board of this size is more often known as a skateboard. The new and better hub motors on the Meepo Mini 2s make removing and changing the casings much simpler without sacrificing strength or performance. The newest Meepo 105MM Donut Wheels provide a softer, more comfortable ride and are entirely compatible with this board. It’s because you can only find a few boards much smaller than this one. This is a noiseless electric skateboard compact enough to be conveniently transported and quick enough to excite you. Meepo Mini 2 and Meepo Mini 2S are almost indistinguishable from one another. But dont worry. Here we’ll give you a detailed review of the Meepo Mini so that you will understand you are buying an original product while purchasing.

About Meepo Mini 2S

There are many other electric skateboards and shortboards that you may have used before, but the Meepo Mini 2 is easily the finest of the bunch. No other shortboards can beat this product. You won’t find a better board than the one with a range of up to 11 miles; on ER option, the content is double about 20 miles. Also, the board has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

The Mini 2S has a 20% grade for hill climbing, and on ER option, it becomes 30 %. The charging period of just 2 hours is incredible to note down.

The Meepo Mini 2 has a premium 30″ Canadian Maple Wood Deck with shock-absorbing shredder trucks ( we will discuss it in detail below), making it sturdy underfoot while supporting up to an astonishing 300 lbs. 

The Mini 2, like other Meepo boards, has a 6-month guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with the product’s quality. The Meepo Mini 2 is one of the greatest E-Boards available now because of its many desirable features, including its zero-emission design, real-world range, ergonomic design, 30-inch size, and safety.

Features of Meepo Mini 2S Electric Skateboard

Below we have listed some features of this skateboard:

Quality and design

The Meepo Mini 2 is a board with a really attractive design, and if you have experience with it before, then you already know that. The deck is composed of bamboo and includes huge wheels that are textured to provide traction. Because the wheels are also motorised, when you start pushing, they will turn on, and when you stop moving, they will turn off by themselves. It means you dont bother while starting or stopping the board.

Compared to conventional skateboards, which have motors connected to the wheel’s spokes, the hub motors in this board allow the rotation on their own to rotate over an axis in the middle.

The remote control has a minimalistic appearance with just two buttons: one for turning the device on and another that acts as a mode switch, allowing you to select from four distinct driving modes. It is simple to use.


One of the most important parts of the board is its deck. When you look for the board or open the package, your eyes will be drawn to the standard, aesthetically pleasing board deck. 

The length of the Meepo Mini 2S is close to 30 inches, and its width is 9 inches. Although it is marketed as a “mini,” the Meepo Mini 2S is not very compact when measured against a skateboard’s typical length and breadth.

On the other hand, it is rather compact compared to most electric longboards. The deck’s surface does not bend in any way since it is constructed out of 8 layers of solid maple wood sourced from Canada, which makes it sturdy.

This is ideal when riding on a shorter board since bending would make the board very unsteady. The negative aspect is that road vibrations are amplified and transmitted to you. The deck is fashioned like a bowl. It resembles the classic Boosted Minis. You get the sensation of being trapped, yet it’s not difficult to change directions.


The standard model of the Mini 2S has a battery that has a capacity of 11 miles or 17 kilometres, making it appropriate for short journeys as well as ripping it up about your town.

It is not suited for lengthy journeys but is good for short distances, such as from your house to the office, school or back home. In addition, because of its compact size, you may easily tuck it away beneath your seat without worrying about it blocking anyone’s path.

You can pay an additional $170 to convert to the ER version, giving you a range of up to 20 miles (or 32 kilometres).

It is important to note that the quoted range is often checked on level terrain with riders weight approximately 155 pounds or 70 kilogrammes going an average of 12 miles per hour or 20 kilometres per hour. Many variables may change that figure, like the terrain and the weather, so it’s crucial to know what you’re buying into before you buy.

If you are seeking a precise answer, battery life is not a measurement that can be evaluated in miles. Each user will have varied expectations and demands from their electric skateboard. 

The most effective strategy for estimating the length of time a single charge will last is to consider how much strength your board consumes for every mile travelled or every hour of operation. For instance, a board with a higher wattage should last longer since it consumes less energy without sacrificing performance.

That’s why it makes sense that two boards with the same number of motors but different numbers of batteries would run out of power at the exact period. This also indicates that two products with various speeds, lengths and power outputs will produce identical results while running at full speed. This is the case unless some external interference creates difficulties, such as adverse weather conditions, which may create problems even under normal operating settings.


The Meepo Mini 2S is powered by two 540Watt hub motors that perform well. The acceleration of hub motors is often muted due to their modest torque. Despite this, the Mini 2S will still kick when you initially begin to speed. Keep this in mind before you get on and start turning the thumbwheel; otherwise, you might end up on your backside.

Additionally, hub motors are very quiet. Because of this, riding one of them in the morning is a wonderful idea since you won’t disturb anybody’s sleep and, more generally, won’t be a nuisance to anyone.

The fact that the wheel hub motors are encased in the wheel itself provides some protection from dirt and gravel. As a result, you’ll discover that cleaning the board is much easier and won’t harm the motors.

Trucks and bushings

The trucks and bushings of the Meepo Mini 2S are among the best of any electric skateboard.

These trucks are of the shredder reverse kingpin kind. The term “reverse kingpin” refers to the situation in which the kingpin (also known as the nut) is positioned such that it is not towards the board. This offers considerably more power over the board during turning, enabling sharper turns to be performed.

Meepo instals 100A bushings in the front and rear trucks. These are wonderful bushings that assist in keeping you steady at high speeds, even though they are extremely challenging.

On the other hand, although they are rather stiff, they tend to make the ride seem choppy. If you’re a rider with a history in conventional skateboarding, you’ll find this board a seamless adjustment.


The other thing that you consider vehicle purchasing is the board wheel. Of course, you will never enjoy riding on a small wheel. The Meepo Mini 2S wheels have a diameter of 90mm and are made of polyurethane (PU). If you get the Mini 2S, the wheels are orange; however, if you get the Mini 2, the wheels are black. When it comes to electric skateboards, particularly shortboards like this one, this is a wheel of a size that is considered rather normal.

The Mini 2S may be used with 105mm Donut Cloudwheels, allowing you to upgrade to a larger wheel size. Your ride will become far more pleasant due to the additional vibration absorption that the Cloudwheels provide and their capacity to handle larger bumps and fractures in the road. During this procedure, you will experience a reduction in the amount of torque available.


If you buy a wireless skateboard, you’ll never ignore the remote. The M4S remote, included with the Meepo Mini 2S, is effective in its intended purpose. In addition to a display screen and two buttons that may perform various functions, you have a thumbwheel that controls the vehicle’s acceleration and braking.

Because of the size of the remote and the location of the buttons on the bottom of the device, making any adjustments to the settings often requires using both hands. It’s safer to push buttons this way.


The Meepo Mini 2S comes with a charger that operates at 42 volts and a current of 1.5 amps, and it can fill the battery in about 3.5 to 4 hours.

You also can purchase the more powerful 3A fast charger, which will cost you an additional $46 but will cut the charging time in half to 2.5 hours.

Is it worth noting to buy a Mini 2S?

Yes! If you are searching for an electric skateboard suitable for riders with varying levels of experience, the Meepo Mini 2S is an excellent option. It is also an excellent alternative for more experienced riders who would like to have joy with their pals or relatives while they are out riding.

The Meepo Mini 2S will only let down people seeking an electric skateboard that runs effectively on all terrain. It is affordable compared to other excellent electric skateboards currently available today.


  • Electric skateboard available at a very reasonable price
  • Exceptional quality in both the trucks and the bushings
  • Hub motors with a low noise level
  • Low-maintenance
  • For enhanced manoeuvrability, a kicktail is provided.


  • It could become harsh when travelling on roads with more roughness.
  • The surface area of the deck is insufficient for a high-performance electric board.


In summary, it’s a reliable electric board that offers the most value for your spending. The construction is solid and dependable, and the wheels have good quality. They can also be upgraded to larger wheels without any hassle. Just be sure to go slowly to maintain control of the electric skateboard when riding on roads with bumps. People who have regular commutes that are either short or medium in length and who don’t want to deal with public transportation or rush hour traffic might benefit from using an electric skateboard like this one. Individuals that travel around a lot, such as college students or people who work in the same places regularly, can benefit immensely from having a board like this.

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