NBA 2K20 MOD APK v98.0.2 Unlimited Money Free

The latest version of NBA 2k20 has been released for Android, and it’s a must-have for all NBA enthusiasts. The game receives annual updates but remains a favorite among fans due to its consistent quality. The NBA 2k20 MOD APK version, which includes unlimited money and coins, is now available for download.

The game features impressive visual updates, making it the most beautiful and accurate portrayal of the sport on mobile devices. Past versions of the series have been criticized for using outdated character models, but in 2k20, players will notice significant improvements.

The controls in the game have also been revamped and take a short time to get used. The barrier help feature is a great addition, although it could be better. The left stick, in particular, has been criticized for being locked in place, requiring players to place their finger in the exact spot each time, unlike in NBA2K16, where the controls automatically adjust to wherever the finger is placed on the screen.

Unique Features Of NBA 2K20 MOD APK

Daily Amazing Events

Another significant aspect of NBA 2k20 is the variety of events that take place daily and weekly. These events offer a change of pace from regular matches and allow players to earn valuable rewards. The daily tasks are a great way to earn coins, virtual currency, and other in-game items.

Additionally, players can participate in events such as King of the Court, Gauntlet, and Rivals Clash. These events allow players to compete for cards with higher abilities, which can be used to improve their team. The game also includes a variety of secrets that players can discover to earn even more rewards.

Overall, NBA 2k20 offers a realistic and engaging basketball experience and various events and challenges that keep the game exciting and rewarding. It’s an excellent game for fans of basketball and sports games alike.

Play Online With Your Friends

Another great feature of NBA 2k20 is the Quick Match option. This feature makes it easier and faster for players to find opponents to play against. With the Quick Match feature, players can connect to other players through LAN or Google Play Games to play 5-on-5 matches or Blacktop games.

This feature is an excellent addition to the game as it lets players quickly jump into a match without spending time searching for opponents. It also makes it more convenient to play with friends or nearby players.

In addition, the Quick Match feature is an excellent way for players to improve their skills by competing against other skilled players. It also provides a more competitive experience for players looking to test their abilities against others. With this feature, players can enjoy and have more fun with the game.

High-Quality Sound

Another exciting aspect of NBA 2k20 is the game’s soundtrack. The game features a new soundtrack that accompanies players throughout their journey to the top of the NBA. The soundtrack includes songs from famous artists such as Drake, Diplo, T-Pain, and many more.

The soundtrack adds to the game’s overall experience, creating a more immersive and engaging environment. It also helps get players in the right mindset for playing basketball, pumping the adrenaline and making the experience more enjoyable.

The new soundtrack is an excellent addition to the game, and it’s sure to please fans of the featured artists. It also offers a nice change of pace from the usual sports game soundtracks, which can sometimes become repetitive. The soundtrack is an essential aspect of the game, which can make the game more exciting and enjoyable.

Control Your Team As a General Manager

Another exciting feature in NBA 2k20 is the option to take control of a team as General Manager (GM). This feature allows players to manage the roster, scout and draft the incoming rookie class, handle the budget, and make critical decisions that affect the team’s performance.

This feature is an excellent addition to the game as it allows players to experience it from a different perspective. Players can take control of their favorite team and build it into a championship-winning squad. They can also make strategic decisions that will impact the team’s performance and determine its success.

The GM mode is perfect for players interested in the management side of the game, allowing them to make decisions that affect the team’s performance and try to build a winning team. It’s a great way to experience the game differently and adds a new level of depth.

Unlimited Characters

Another significant aspect of NBA 2k20 is the rewards system. After winning against opponents in various competitions, players will receive rewards that can be used to upgrade their characters. This system applies to all game modes, allowing players to improve their characters no matter their choice.

The game also includes new badge systems and NBA tournaments that allow players to create unique playstyles for each character. Players can also customize their characters with scanned images and preset options. The costumes and external appearance of the characters can also be upgraded to create the perfect character.

The rewards system and the various customization options make the game more engaging, as players can work to improve their characters and create a unique experience. This feature adds a new level of depth to the game and makes it more enjoyable for players as they can see their characters improve as they progress through the game.

Be A Professional Athlete

In NBA 2K20, players start as ordinary sports enthusiasts and gradually become more professional as they progress through the game. The competitions and challenges in the game help players assert themselves and improve their skills step by step.

The game offers a variety of opponents, including 12 WNBA teams and 140 players to compete against. This variety of opponents provides a challenging and dynamic experience for players, allowing them to test their skills and improve.

Players can easily dominate their opponents on the field as they level up and improve their skills. The game is designed to help players enhance their playing skills and become better at the sport, making it perfect for those passionate about basketball.

How To Download & Install NBA 2K 20 MOD APK

To download and install the NBA 2k20 MOD APK, follow these steps:

  • Go to a website where the mod apk is available for download, such as
  • Click on the download button for the mod apk.
  • Wait for the download to complete, which may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the download folder on your device.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file and tap on it to start the installation process.
  • If prompted, allow your device to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can launch the game from your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  • Start the game and enjoy the modded version with Unlimited money and coins.


Keep in mind that downloading and installing a mod apk may be against the game’s terms of service, and it may also void the warranty of your device. It’s always recommended to download the mod apk from a trusted website. Also, be aware that installing mod apk may have some risk of malware or viruses.

Final Words

In conclusion, NBA 2k20 MOD APK is an excellent way for players to experience the game with the added benefit of Unlimited money and coins. It offers many features and improvements over the regular version of the game, such as new visual updates, improved controls, and various events and challenges. The GM mode and the rewards system also provide players with a new level of depth and engagement.


What is NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

NBA 2k20 MOD APK is a modified version of the original game that includes unlimited money and coins.

Is it safe to download and install NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

While it may be safe to download and install NBA 2k20 MOD APK from a reputable source, it may also be against the game’s terms of service and may void your device’s warranty. Additionally, there is a risk of malware or viruses when installing mod apps.

Can I play online with NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

It depends on the mod apk you have downloaded, and some mod apps might not allow online play as the game server can easily detect them.

Will I lose my progress if I uninstall NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

It depends on how the mod apk was designed. Some mod apps may save your progress on the device, while others may not. It’s best to check the instructions provided with the mod apk or contact the mod developer for more information.

How can I get more money and coins in NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

The mod apk you downloaded should already have Unlimited money and coins; if you still need to, you can try participating in events and completing daily tasks to earn rewards.

Can I get banned for using NBA 2k20 MOD APK?

Yes, using a mod apk may be against the terms of service of the game and may result in your account being banned.

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