Nextbook flexx 11 keyboard disconnects randomly.

The Nextbook Flexx 11 is a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid with a detachable keyboard. Some users have reported issues with the nextbook flexx 11 keyboard disconnects randomly, which can be frustrating and disruptive.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to fix the issue nextbook flexx 11 keyboard disconnects randomly:

Check the connections

Ensure the keyboard is securely attached to the tablet. If the connections are loose, the nextbook flexx 11 keyboard disconnects randomly.

Restart the tablet

Sometimes, restarting the tablet can fix connectivity issues. Press and hold the power button until the tablet shuts down, then turn it back on and try using the keyboard again.

Check for updates

Ensure your tablet is running the latest Windows 10. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. If any updates are available, install them and see if the issue persists.

Remove and reattach the keyboard.

Try detaching and reattaching it to the tablet. Ensure that the connections are clean and free from any debris that may interfere with the connection.

Update the keyboard driver.

If none of the above steps work, you may need to update the keyboard driver. Go to Device Manager (right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager), expand the Keyboards category, right-click on the keyboard device, and select Update driver. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the driver.

Reset the tablet

You may need to reset your tablet to its factory settings if all else fails. It will erase all data on the tablet, so back up any important files before proceeding. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and select Reset this PC. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset the tablet.

If you need help with these steps, you may contact Nextbook customer support for further assistance in troubleshooting the nextbook flexx 11 keyboard disconnects randomly.

Advantages of Owning a Tablet with Keyboard


A tablet with a keyboard can be used in various settings and for different purposes. For example, you can use it as a laptop replacement for productivity tasks such as typing documents or browsing the web. You can then detach the keyboard to use the tablet for entertainment, such as watching videos or playing games.


Tablets are generally more portable than laptops, and a tablet with a detachable keyboard offers the best of both worlds. You can easily carry the tablet around and then attach the keyboard when you need to work on a document or respond to emails.


One of the primary advantages of tablets is that they have a touchscreen display, which can be more intuitive and easier to use than a traditional keyboard and mouse. By combining the touchscreen with a keyboard, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and choose the best input method for the task at hand.

Battery Life

Tablets typically have longer battery life than laptops, so that you can use them for longer periods without recharge. It can be particularly useful if you are traveling or working remotely.

Disadvantages of Owning a Tablet with a Keyboard

Limited Performance

While tablets are great for basic tasks such as browsing the web or checking email, they are generally less powerful than laptops for more demanding tasks such as video editing or gaming. If you need a device with more processing power, a tablet with a keyboard may not be the best option.

Limited Storage

Most tablets have limited storage compared to laptops, which can be even more of an issue if you use the tablet for productivity tasks. If you need to store large files or install multiple programs, a tablet with a keyboard does not have enough storage space.

Keyboard Quality

The keyboard quality on a tablet can vary widely depending on the model you choose. Some keyboards may feel cramped or uncomfortable, while others may offer a different level of feedback than a traditional keyboard.


Tablets with keyboards can be more expensive than standalone tablets, which may be a consideration if you are on a tight budget.

Types of Tablets with Keyboards

There are several types of tablets with keyboards available on the market, including:

Detachable Tablets

These tablets come with a detachable keyboard that can be removed when unnecessary. Examples include the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple iPad Pro.

Convertible Tablets

These tablets have a keyboard attached that can be folded or rotated for different configurations. Examples include the Lenovo Yoga and the HP Spectre x360.

Folio Tablets

These tablets come with a keyboard case that attaches to the tablet to protect it when unused. Examples include the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and the iPad Air.

Use Cases for Tablets with Keyboards


If you need to work on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, a tablet with a keyboard can be a great option. You can use the tablet as a laptop replacement but still enjoy the versatility and portability of a tablet.


Tablets with keyboards can be great for entertainment, such as watching videos, playing games, or reading ebooks. The touchscreen display makes it easy to navigate.

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