Nware 17in Laptop Review and Buying Guide

There are many industries in the world which are growing very fastly, but the gaming industry is the industry which is one of the most significant growing industries. Many new games are coming to the market, and all of these are very high in storage and need a good-quality laptop. The nware 17in Laptop is the best for gaming and business use. The Laptop has all the qualities that every gamer wants and the Laptop has all the good qualities. The Laptop contains good memory and a display and processor. Now we are going to explain the qualities and specifications of this Laptop;

Main Specifications

  1. The processor of the Laptop is Intel Core i7.
  2. Ram plays a vital role in the performance of the Laptop. The RAM of the Laptop is 8GB.
  3. In Gaming, If the Laptop display is not suitable, then we cannot enjoy playing games. Also, in business use, Display plays a vital role as the Display of the Nware 17in Laptop.
  4. If we talk about the graphics, then the graphic is Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M
  5. The Laptop has a Hard Disk of 1TB
  6. The Laptop is Windows 10.
  7. There are only two colours on this Laptop. One is black, and the other is steel.
  8. The quality of the Laptop is excellent.

Now we will explain the pros of the Nware 17in Laptop.


As we have mentioned above, the Laptop comes with the Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor, and the Laptop’s processor is speedy. The Laptop’s processor is perfect for gaming, and the processor’s speed is 3.5 GHz. We have also said that the new games in the industry want a lot of memory and fast processor. The processor is best for gaming and other purposes.


The Nware 17in a laptop is good in all functions, and the screen size of the Nware 17in a Laptop is 18 huge inches. Playing games on a large screen is a wish for all, and it gives a lot of adventure when we play on a large screen. Do the Laptop have a 4k display? No, the Display of the Laptop is not 4k. The Laptop has an HD display. The only con of the Laptop is that it does not contain the 4k Display. Also, the less of this Laptop is because the Display is less than 4k. 

Memory (RAM)

The memory of the Nware 17in Laptop is 8GB. If the memory of the Laptop is 8GB, it can run high-storage apps. If your Laptop is hanging while you are using it, then you should read the article that we have mentioned below., We have mentioned the best steps to make a laptop fast

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We have heard this term since childhood, and we all also know that the term hardware plays an essential role in the performance of the Laptop. Hardware means the inner parts of the Laptop. If the parts of the Laptop are good, it is evident that it will work fast.

Graphic Card

If you are a game freak, you must know that the most critical hardware in the Laptop is the graphics card. If the Laptop’s graphics card is sound, then you can do anything on the Laptop, like you can play games of any type and do work of any kind.

There are many heavy files on the Laptop, and all of these files are essential also. We cannot delete those files. Sop the graphic card is the hardware that helps us to run the files quickly.

The games we play are also very heavy; we download them from Google. So it is essential to have a laptop with a sound graphics card. The graphics card of this Nware 17in Laptop is Nvidia Geoforce GTX 970M.


The battery of the Nware 17in Laptop is removable and can be used for more than 7 hours continuously. It also depends on the type of game or work you are going on the Laptop. If you are playing or doing something heavy, then the battery will decrease little fats. But the maximum time is 7 hours.


There are only two colours. One is steel, and the other is black. You can choose any of them.


The buttons and keys of the Laptop are unique and fast.


Can we use the Nware 17in Laptop for gaming?

Yes, we can use Nware 17 on Laptops for gaming purposes because this Laptop has all the qualities that a gamer wants for playing a high-quality game. The Laptop provides good support, and the speed is also so good. 

Can we use the Laptop for business use?

Yes, we can use the Nware 17in Laptop for business use.

Is the Nware 17in Laptop safe to use?

Yes, the Nware 17in Laptop is safe to use.

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