Razer Book 13 Laptop Review and Buying Guide

This is razer’s brand new laptop, the razer book 13. it’s not a razer blade, it’s not stealth, it’s the razer book, and what makes it unique is that this is, well, the thinnest and the lightest and possibly the least expensive laptop razer’s ever brought to market. It’s aimed at a completely different type of segment normally. They make powerful gaming laptops. This is aimed more at the productivity segment. It’s suitable for professionals, students, and anyone looking for a laptop with a premium build quality, so it’s meant to compete with stuff like the XPS 13 and MacBooks and any premium ultrabook out there. It comes in quatr pink and silvery white color.


The performance on the razer book is good. It’s running 11th gen core i5 or core i7 up to 16 gigs of ram. Its main strength is that iris xe graphics, the GPU inside these systems, is better than what AMD offers in their ultrabooks. This is not a gaming laptop. It’s not meant to compete with like anything that’s gaming related. It’s its own thing and It’s an ultrabook with excellent build quality and good performance.


The back side is different. There’s a gap, and it has a large rubber strip that runs along the length of the back side of the laptop. If you have not guessed, its purpose is that the keyboard pops up when you lift the screen. This is a mechanism we’ve seen on other devices, like other laptops made by other companies, but this is the first time we’ve seen it on a razer device. It serves two purposes one. It lifts the laptop a little bit to give some better airflow underneath. Secondly, it pops the keyboard to one-two degree of lift, and some people, like that kind of tilt. 


The keyboard itself is a very razer-like keyboard. If you’ve used any razer laptop in the past couple of years, this is the same type of keyboard chiclet keys that have fantastic RGB lighting and layout that takes a little bit of time to get used to, but I think most people who use this keyboard for a little bit of time will like it. 

If you’ve never used a razer blade keyboard before and never used an XPS 13 keyboard, you’ll like the Dell XPS 13 keyboard faster. They’re both excellent keyboards, and both are super comfortable, but if you like RGB backlight, then the razer has the advantage of a bright and colorful RGB backlight keyboard.


The trackpad’s good. It’s got glass surface precision drivers, and it’s got a quiet click mechanic. It’s a good trackpad, and the speaker’s sound is good. Both speakers are clear but don’t have a lot of basses. They don’t sound like MacBook pro speakers.


In terms of screen, this is a new type of screen for razer. It’s got thin bezels around. Even the bottom chin is thin. It comes in three variants 1080p, 1080p touch, and 4k touch, and all three of those have a 16 by ten aspect ratio, so a little bit taller than your regular kind of gaming laptop screen, and it gives you a little more vertical room when it comes to doing anything on your device. The webcam on top of the screen supports windows hello, so you can log into your system with your facial biometrics.

Battery Timing

The battery timing of this laptop is 7 to 8 hours which is very good compared to some other laptops. You can do any hard work on this laptop.


There are two USB-C ports on this guy that support thunderbolt, four there’s HDMI, a MicroSD, and thankfully, there’s still a USB-A. Now, if they were going to make a smaller laptop than their stealth, they would remove it because everybody else is doing it, but they kept USB-A. They have done an excellent job, and on a device, as this meant for real people doing real work, this is a good thing to keep on the device.

Regarding its internals, you have two fans cooling a vapor chamber. You also have the replaceable or removable Nvme. It’s all sitting on a nice black PCB. This is neater and cleaner than red or green PCBs, and you also have your 55-watt-hour battery.


The Razer Book 13 is a laptop with all the good qualities that a gamer and business want for playing games and going to work. When we play a game on the laptop, we want a good display, keyboard, processor, and battery timing, and the razer book 13 has all of these qualities. We suggest you buy this laptop because it will be good for you. It is also good if you want to buy this laptop for business use. Because in business use we want a laptop that has a good keyboard, display, processor and battery timing and the laptop has all the qualities.

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