Why do I hate computer science? Should I study CS?

Computer science plays a vital role in the life of humans. Because every field wants technology to grow, if someone becomes a doctor, he needs a computer for studying. If someone is a doctor, then he needs machinery for operations. As the same engineer also needs technology. I have also studied computer science for five years, it is not the wrong field, but after some time of studying, we get bored, and then we say I hate computer science. The field of computer science is very rough, when we decided to study this field then, only the first year we enjoyed studying, and after one year, we came to know that in the next four years, we have to study the same thing continuously but in a different pattern. It makes us bored. 

There are many reasons for hating this field, but we have mentioned the best.

  1. The material inside this field is very dry and dull. We cannot enjoy studying this field as we can see that the students of medicine and engineering enjoy their time studying because their projects are interesting. But computer science students are bound to weird things, like machinery.
  2. If we talk about the teachers or professors, they also do not care about students’ mental health. They just come and teach the students their lessons and go. Sometimes they also give them a project. But they do not think about how boring computer science is for the students. The students also say I hate computer science teachers’ faces, but they do not care. We suggest you not choose computer science if you have depression or anxiety about little things. Because after selecting this field, you have to study day and night.
  3. Most of the students who do not get good grades in colleges and schools are admitted to the field of computer science because the merit of computer science is less than other fields. Still, studying computer science is more complex than in other fields. Computer science classes are very crowded, and you cannot breathe peacefully. All the fields are difficult to study, but in medicine and engineering, we study with the help of our concept, and we can also write by our idea, but in computer science, we cannot write anything by our concept. Because all the chapters and projects contain coding, we cannot change the coding. We have to write what is in the book.
  4. The syllabus and projects are irrelevant to the field. Like in computer science, we study coding and hardware parts, but sometimes we study something unrelated. In short, the curriculum is irrelevant.
  5. We all know that libraries are very peaceful places. No one talks in a library and labs. Because these places are made for studying and doing projects, when you go to a computer science library or lab, you will see that everyone is taking in the library and lab, and the lab is very crowded also. You cannot do your project or homework with peace. We suggest you avoid this field if you want to study peace. Computer science students are less intelligent than students of other fields.
  6. All the textbooks needed for studying computer science are very expensive because these books contain all coding and information about hardware parts. But after buying these books, you will come to know that these books are useless because you need help understanding everything. You will see the coding on every page without any explanation. How can a human learn more than 700 pages of coding? It is impossible. It makes the students say I hate computer science. If you go to the university or college days, you will understand what this coding is about. It will be tough for you if you are not regular in college and university because you cannot only learn to code. Coding is the main reason that students say I hate computer science.
  7. If you are the topper at school or college, you will pass university with average marks. Because the papers are really difficult to pass and it is impossible that you will top in the documents. Because all the piece is conceptual and contains graph and coding, humans can only learn 700 pages. You might be able to understand charts, but you will need help learning to code. So be patient when you are going to choose this field.
  8. The computer science labs are cold in winter because there is no heater or anything else in the lab, and in summer, the lab is very hot. It proves that in any season, we cannot study with peace if we are a computer science department. I hate computer science is a sentence that every CS student use.
  9. There are many fewer universities that teach CS because it is a field that is very difficult to teach, and very few teachers or professors know CS well. So the universities of CS are also very far from home.


Now you all think I have explained all the cons of the CS but have yet to explain any pros. CS should be complicated, but it is also correct that the job of CS is straightforward. If you have done CS, it will be straightforward for you to get a job because very few people do CS, and all companies need a man who knows CS and has a degree in CS. If you want to apply for a CS job, click on any ad coming up. It will lead you to the page where you can apply for it.


The salary of the CS job is also very high than other jobs’ salary. But it does not mean that your life will be accessible after doing CS. After doing the CS, you have to do the job of coding. The company where you work will take all the coding work from you because no one else can do the coding work except a CS student. People also say it is a male job, but it is wrong. Females study more than males, and they do the job well.

Should I do CS?

As I have said, CS is a field where you must learn to code. If you are a regular in the university and do your work regularly, then it will be straightforward for you to learn to code but before taking the admission, think about the condition of your math, If your math is trying, then you can do it. If your math could be more robust, we suggest you do another study. Read other articles to know more about this.

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