Why would we attain a first page on Google with the help of SEO?

The search engine aims to put the most relevant articles and sites on the first page. They want their consumers to get what they seek as soon as possible, with the finest quality. As a result, it will be able to continue to have a huge market share, and marketers will always be there to advertise.

Although the algorithm should be fairly sophisticated. The pieces that constitute it must make it easy to assess whether it is a decent page and if it satisfies the search request. Here is my review:

• The more visitors stay on the page (low bounce rate and high time spent in min), the more relevant the content.

• If the same IP address comes up several times, the person loved the site.

• The more aspects, the more engaging and informative the content seems. They will better aid those who read it.

• If people are talking about it, connecting to it, or sharing it on social media, it’s high-value content.

We shall see in the second half how to put all this in place.

Write your posts to appear on the first page of SEO referencing

How many words?

It is commonly said that you have to produce large articles to appear on the main page. The statistics prove it with a current average of 1900 – 2000 words for webpages and blogs on the first page of Google. And yet, the majority of my pieces revolve around 1000 words. I even have a multi-keyword front-page article that is 519 words… Really?

The problem is not the number of words but how they are structured. $1 and €1 have the same quantity but not the same value. However, Google likes to reference good SEO pages with many words. It is not essential, and the article must be of quality. If you add things to inflate the bill, it will annoy the visitors, who will either go directly to the end or leave: in both cases, they will stay less long on the site, which will increase your bounce rate and decrease the time spent on your site. Google doesn’t like it.

So put pages of more than 300 words (the minimum), giving as much value as possible but being concise and direct.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an addon that I use, which is fermium: I only have the free version. It helps you to control SEO and SEO very quickly. With a dashboard that shows you if the SEO is good or not. Is there a link? Is there at least one image? Is there enough keyword density?

This addon is wonderful for boosting your google referencing and having visitors. Still, you will need to apply what I suggest in this second part to have the maximum probability of being on the top page.

Choose your keyword and send numerous shots.

You should type your phrase into the keyword planner and tweak it slightly to a synonym with more monthly searches. You must be careful with the keyword choice because you can produce an excellent article… But which will be on the wrong keyword, consequently, in the wrong place.

Although everything I tell you in this post is of immense worth. It’s not an exact science, and the more you try your luck, the more articles you publish, and the more keywords you will have on the first page.

Bold, underlined and structured with an image.

Google is particularly fond of rich writing, that is, structure with huge titles, medium titles and subtitles. He also likes photos because all of that indicates a value for the visitor.

Your visitors like you, too, because they understand better; they can skim the material and select to read the part that interests them. Pictures help them know. Bring value!

Inbound and outbound connection; your reputation will speak for itself

It is easy to make outbound links: i.e., to create links to other sites and articles. It enhances the text as well, so google likes it. However, do not forget to place the link under “open in a new tab”; otherwise, you will have lost a visitor who did not necessarily wish to leave!

Incoming links, and backlinks, are more difficult to obtain. You can contact bloggers to let them know you’ve connected to their website. And one day, they’ll give you one back. There is also the possibility of joining seminars on SEO and bloggers to meet new ones. The third method that requires more time is to let your reputation speak for itself. If you publish fantastic articles and rank well, people will notice them and organically link to yours because they will be quality material.

Former visitors

The last step that I recommend is to offer a gift in exchange for the coordinates of your prospects: email or telephone. Apart from that, it will help you to present your stuff to interested parties. You can also send emails from time to time with the link to the new article. Google will recognize that this visitor has come to your site before. And it proves that you are doing a great job by rewarding yourself with a good SEO ranking and probably a first Google page.

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