How To Add Electronic Signature To PDF?

After covid 19, everything is happening online; meetings, business deals, and classes. PDF is a standard used format for business collaborations and contracts. There is a need to sign PDF documents several times, whether a business agreement or student assignment checking. Instead, you print a copy for signing and scan it for sharing; you can use multiple online PDF signing tools. Electronic signature can make your work hassle-free and save time and energy. Free your life with a bunch of papers and then sign them to share. In this article, you will discover some PDF signing tools available online that can work efficiently. 


Dochub allows you to securely edit, create, fill out forms, and sign PDFs. It helps in signing one document by different people at a time. You need to mention areas to be signed by whom and share the document as a Sign request. There are a few steps to follow to get this job done.

  • Go to the DocHub dashboard, and click on Import a document. Browse the file to upload or drag and drop the PDF file directly.
  • Once the PDF has opened, click on Sign to add a signature.
  • A new window will pop up, giving you four options to create a signature. 1. You can use the phone as a figure signature pad. 2. Draw a sign. 3. Upload the image. 4. Type your name.
  • Now click on the save as default option.
  • And then, drag your signature wherever you want to add it to the PDF.

Soda PDF:

Soda PDF is another tool that allows you to merge, split, covert, or sign PDF documents in no time. It will make your signing process much easier than before and it will add electronic signatures quickly and efficiently if it is a business deal or hiring remote employees. It also offers to sign a PDF by the number of people at a time. There are the following steps to sign a PDF by using Soda PDF.

  • Browse a file to open or drag and drop the files.
  • Once the file has been uploaded, click the create a signature option in the right tab.
  • It gives you three options; typedraw, or import an image to create an e-signature.
  • Now, the electronic signature has been made. You can add it by dragging and dropping it wherever you want.

WPS office:

WPS Office is the most powerful online tool that permits you to create, edit, sign, merge, split, or convert PDF files. It also allows you to password-lock your confidential files to avoid unauthorized access and share data securely. It has excellent compatibility with all users; Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, or Android. With all of this, it has unique editing features and collaboratively signing PDFs. It also allows changing colour and managing the thickness of the e-sign. To add a sign, follow these steps:

  • First, import your PDF in WPS by clicking on the Open option or dragging and dropping your file into WPS.
  • Second, go to the insert option; select the sign option in the tab. It will display a pop-up window, then choose Add Signature.
  • Third, draw or type your signature into the box.
  • At Last, tap on the apply option. And here you go. Your signature has been added to your PDF file.

Using tips for WPS office:

WPS Office offers several attributes to resolve every issue of its users. PDF editing, conversion, signing, combining data, third-party integrations, password-protected sharing, etc. All you can say is it is a master of all tools. It is user-friendly for all screens as well as cost-effective at the same time. To discover, download WPS Office now! And get ready to experience the WPS’s finest and most well-trusted features.

FAQ related to WPS:

Is WPS Office compatible with Mac?

Yes, it has excellent compatibility with the Mac system. And it is an all-in-one suite that provides a PDF editor, spreadsheet, presentation templates, and word document.

Does it work offline?

To explore its features offline, you need to download it. It is free, but you must buy it to access the advanced features. But if you are a student and cannot afford to buy WPS Office, its free version is best for you.

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