How to convert pdf to Word for free?

The main benefit of converting pdf to Word is the ability to edit the text directly with the file. Also, Screen reading tools for the blind are not always compatible with PDF, while Word documents can be read easily. Converting a PDF to a word document is easier than it sounds. Several free online services allow users to convert documents from PDF to Word. This article will walk you through converting PDF to Word free using the three methods to solve your problem.

Tools that help you with your problem

Read on for these methods to solve your problem.

1-How to convert pdf to Word free with Adobe Acrobat

By Following these steps, you can turn a PDF into a Microsoft Word document:

  • Tap the Select a file button above, or also you can drag and drop a file into the drop zone.
  • Choose the PDF you need to convert to the DOCX file format.
  • Watch Acrobat automatically converts the file from PDF to an editable Word document.
  • Now you can Download the converted Word document or sign in to share it.

It’s quick and easy to convert a PDF to a word document with the help of Adobe Acrobat tool. Drag and drop your pdf, then download the converted file.

2-How to convert pdf to Word free with Smallpdf

In Smallpdf, With just a simple drag and drop, convert a PDF to Microsoft Word format in seconds.

  • Upload or import your PDF files to our converter
  • Select the conversion option you need
  • Choose “With OCR” for scanned PDFs—this is a pro feature
  • Download or share your converted Word file—done

Convert your PDF files to Word easily, regardless of size. Our servers are cloud-based, making our online converter perfect for larger files.

3-How to convert pdf to Word free with WPS

It is quick and straightforward with WPS PDF to Word Converter and produces high-quality results.

  • Select the PDF to Word tool in the WPS Office app, or you can choose by going to the WPS PDF Tools section and selecting PDF To Word.
  • Drag your PDF file into the landing area. You can open the PDF file from your local storage OR by clicking on upload / select file.
  • When the PDF file has been uploaded, tap on convert. It will be converted to a Word file within a few seconds.
  •  You can now download it by clicking the download button. If you’re using an online converter.
  • If you converted it using an offline tool in WPS Office, it could open up for preview after being converted to Word format.

Why is WPS the best option on the list?

WPS helps you in achieving your goal while preserving all formatting. The highest quality and precise PDF to DOC/DOCX conversion for maintaining fonts and layouts, including bullets and tables.PDFs can be cut up and converted into a variety of file formats. You can Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word formats such as RTF, doc and Docs. You can convert multiple PDFs in bulk or once. It is also possible to combine and edit multiple PDF files into a single file or to split a single PDF file into multiple files. The formatting of the original pdf is wholly preserved after conversion to Word. Other tools are available on the WPS Office website, but only a subset are explicitly designed for working with pdfs. In addition to the desktop application, the converter is available for Android devices. WPS PDF Converter lets users view and edit documents while on the go. 


WPS convert PDF to Word free download is a fantastic tool for converting PDF to Word on Windows,iPad,iPhone and Android. Also, you can get the most recent version of PDF to Word converter for iOS, iPad, and Windows. This app is free and available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Now you have all the necessary tools; it’s time to convert PDF to Word Offline, WPS Word, to create your paper. Before you convert PDF to Word for free or write what you want, think about what you’ll give the reader. Finally, customize the PDF conversion to your specifications and make it unique so readers can tell you wrote it. So, why are you still waiting? To try it out, download WPS Office!

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